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1st Anniversary Party
When January 4, 2019 - January 7, 2019
Mascots Sam the Sasquatch, Rory, DJ Maxx, Aunt Arctic, Puffle Handler, Franky, G Billy, Jet Pack Guy, Thanos, Gary, Rookie, Cadence, Herbert, Sensei, Stompin' Bob, Rockhopper, Petey K
Parties and Events Chronology
Previous New Year's Day 2019
Next Card-Jitsu Water Party
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The 1st Anniversary Party was a party in Club Penguin Online that began on January 4, 2019 and ended on January 7, 2019. The party celebrated the 1 year anniversary of Club Penguin Online. Every player was sent the 1st Anniversary Postcard inviting them to the party.

The party consisted of a Scavenger Hunt, where you could earn the Scavenger Hunt Stamp and collect rewards. This is also the only party where you could obtain the 1st Anniversary Party Hat.

Free Items

Image Item Type Location
1st Anniversary Hat Icon.png
1st Anniversary Party Hat Head Item Coffee Shop
11477 icon.png
Happy Birthday Hat Head Item Scavenger Hunt
Cake Pin.png
Cake Pin Pin Scavenger Hunt
1st Anniversary Lei Icon.png
1st Anniversary Lei Neck Item Anniversary1 Code
1st Anniversary JacketIcon.png
1st Anniversary Jacket Body Item Anniversary1 Code
1st Anniversary Shirt Icon.png
1st Anniversary Shirt Body Item Anniversary1 Code
PPS Icon.png
Purple Puffle Stuffie Hand Item Anniversary1 Code
Clothing Icons 9277.png
Mystery Background Background Meeting Sam the Sasquatch
Rory Background Background Meeting Rory
DJ Maxx Giveaway Background Meeting DJ Maxx
Aunt Arctic Giveaway (ID 9144) icon.png
Aunt Arctic Giveaway Background Meeting Aunt Arctic
Clothing Icons 9238.png
PH's Golden Puffle Giveaway Background Meeting PH
Penguin Band Giveaway Background Meeting Franky, G Billy, Petey K or Stompin' Bob
Jet Pack Guy Giveaway Background Meeting Jet Pack Guy
Thanos' Background Background Meeting Thanos
New Gary Giveaway I.PNG
New Gary Giveaway Background Meeting Gary
Rookie's Giveaway clothing icon ID 9250.png
Rookie's Giveaway (ID 9250) Background Meeting Rookie
Cadence Background clothing icon ID 9065.png
Cadence Background Background Meeting Cadence
Herbert's Operation: Puffle Background Background Meeting Herbert
Sensei BG.PNG
Sensei's Autograph Background Meeting Sensei
Clothing Icons 9215.png
Rockhopper's Evergreen Giveaway Background Meeting Rockhopper

Scavenger Hunt

This party featured a Scavenger Hunt, allowing players to earn the Scavenger Hunt Stamp as well as collect exclusive items. Players had to hunt around the island for pieces of cake.

Image Color Cake Hint Location
Purplecake.png Purple Time is of the essence, this is where your cake makes it's presence. Snow Forts
Pinkcake.png Pink On one side are pets, furry and sweet, on the other side food, that's yummy to eat. Plaza
Greencake.png Green Up high in the sky is where your cake shall lie. Ski Hill
Yellowcake.png Yellow Here lies Find Four, but go upstairs for more. Lodge Attic
Bluecake.png Blue The cake is hidden near shining gold. Somewhere deep and dark and very cold. Hidden Lake
Redcake.png Red To find this cake, here's some advice. Search the place that has Thin Ice. Arcade
Orangecake.png Orange This one will be breezy, as your cake is somewhere cheesy. Pizza Parlor


Image Stamp Description
Celebration Stamp Blow out the candles on the Anniversary Cake
Scavenger hunt stamp.png
Scavenger Hunt Stamp Complete a Scavenger Hunt
Rockhopper Stamp Be in the same room as Rockhopper
Gary stamp icon.PNG
Gary Stamp Be in the same room as Gary
PH's Stamp.png
PH Stamp Be in the same room as PH
Cadence Stamp Icon.png
Cadence Stamp Be in the same room as Cadence
Franky Stamp.png
Franky Stamp Be in the same room as Franky
G Billy Stamp.png
G Billy Stamp Be in the same room as G Billy
Stompin' Bob Stamp.png
Stompin' Bob Stamp Be in the same room as Stompin' Bob
Petey K stamp.png
Petey K Stamp Be in the same room as Petey K
Rookie stamp.PNG
Rookie Stamp Be in the same room as Rookie
Aunt Arctic Stamp Be in the same room as Aunt Arctic
Sensei Stamp.png
Sensei Stamp Be in the same room as Sensei
Herbert Stamp.png
Herbert Stamp Be in the same room as Herbert






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