Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit 2018
When July 12 - July 20, 2018
Mascots Rockhopper
Parties and Events Chronology
Previous Music Jam 2018
Next Prom 2018

The Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit 2018 was a party in Club Penguin Online that started on July 12, 2018 and ended on July 20, 2018. The island was decorated as a Jungle paradise full of palm trees and fruit. The Forest had an red fruits theme, the Cove had a yellow fruits theme and the Dock had a green fruits theme. There were items to collect at these three locations, which then allowed players to enter the Ancient Temple and Kahuna Kave and complete the obstacle course to earn prizes. Players could also enter the Volcano Mouth from the Snow Forts, where they can throw snowballs into the cursed volcano to destroy it and win prizes.

The Migrator was docked at the Beach for this party, which players could enter and explore to buy items from Rockhopper's Rare Items.


During the month of July 2018, the island was getting set up for its annual Adventure Party. Meanwhile, while Rockhopper was on one of his many voyages at sea, he discovered Innocent Island, an island filled with fruit galore. He also discovered an ancient monument, the Temple of Fruit. On the top of the temple was a tiki statue named Big-Big Kahuna. Rockhopper wanted to share his discovery with the Penguins back in Club Penguin Online, so he put the Temple of Fruit on his ship and set sail. Boy, would this be a party!

On the voyage there, the Big-Big Kahuna tiki statue was getting hungry and angry. Rockhopper then considered it cursed. Knowing that his penguin friends would help him appease it, and that they could celebrate with an abundance of fruit after, he didn't turn back. Once he'd arrived, the island had already transformed into a tropical paradise. The Temple of Fruit was placed in the Snow Forts.

Penguins could head into the temple in search of fruity treasure (once they had found the Sacred Fruit) and all players could work together on the top of the temple to appease the tiki, which had now transformed into a giant volcano. The volcano was destroyed by throwing fruit into it. The tribes worked together and saved the island from possible destruction. Rockhopper set sail soon after, returning the Temple of Fruit to its rightful place on Innocent Island.

Fruit Tribes

As soon as Rockhopper arrived on the island for the party, there was no time to spare. Fruit Tribes were assembled. Each had their own base on the island, and they threw the main fruit of their tribe into the Cursed Volcano in order to appease it. Though all the tribe were supposed to be friendly with one another, during the party penguins would roleplay, making alliances with other tribes and ambushing their so-called enemies.


The main fruit of the Red Tribe was an apple. Their base was at the Forest during the party.


The main fruit of the Yellow Tribe was a pineapple. Their base was at the Cove during the party.


The main fruit of the Green Tribe was a watermelon. Their base was at the Dock during the party.


The Purple Tribe had a very minor role at the party. They had no base. Items based on the tribe could be bought from Rockhopper's Rare Items. They did not have a special area to throw fruit at the Volcano Mouth. The main fruit of the Purple Tribe was a grape.

Free Items

Image Name Location
Apple Headband clothing icon ID 1441 updated.png
Apple Headband Forest
Pineapple Headband clothing icon ID 1443 updated.png
Pineapple Headband Cove
Watermelon Headband clothing icon ID 1441 updated.png
Watermelon Headband Dock
Grape Headband clothing icon ID 1441 updated.png
Grape Headband Rockhopper's Rare Items
9148 icon.png
Yellow Kahuna Background Volcano Mouth
9149 icon.png
Red Kahuna Background Volcano Mouth
9150 icon.png
Green Kahuna Background Volcano Mouth
Grape Bunch Costume Volcano Mouth
Watermelon Costume Kahuna Kave
Apple Costume Kahuna Kave
Pineapple Costume Kahuna Kave
9160 icon.png
Rockhopper's Tropical Background Meeting Rockhopper

Party Items

The Temple of Fruit Catalog was available in the main party rooms: Forest, Cove and the Dock.

Image Item Cost
The Pineapple Crown.png
The Pineapple Crown 300 Coin icon.png
Pineapple Tiki Dress.png
Pineapple Tiki Dress 400 Coin icon.png
Pineapple Headdress clothing icon ID 1447 updated.png
Pineapple Headress 350 Coin icon.png
Toothy Necklace.png
Toothy Necklace 150 Coin icon.png
Pineapple Tiki Costume.png
Pineapple Tiki Costume 400 Coin icon.png
Pineapple Tiki Paint.png
Pineapple Tiki Paint 50 Coin icon.png
4686 icon.png
Volcano Costume 700 Coin icon.png
Apple Tiki Paint.png
Apple Tiki Paint (hidden) 50 Coin icon.png
Watermelon Mohawk 350 Coin icon.png
Watermelon Jungle Clothing.png
Watermelon Jungle Clothing 400 Coin icon.png
The Melon Head.png
The Melon Head 300 Coin icon.png
Kukui Nut Necklace 150 Coin icon.png
Watermelon Tiki Dress.png
Watermelon Tiki Dress 400 Coin icon.png
Clothing Icons 1446 Style 2013.png
Apple Headress 350 Coin icon.png
Apple Tiki Costume.png
Apple Tiki Costume 400 Coin icon.png
Watermelon paint.png
Watermelon Tiki Paint (hidden) 50 Coin icon.png
The Apple A Day clothing icon ID 1450 (updated).PNG
The Apple A Day 300 Coin icon.png
Apple Tiki Dress.png
Apple Tiki Dress 400 Coin icon.png

Rockhopper's Rare Items

These items could be purchased from Rockhopper's Rare Items catalog on The Migrator.

Image Item Cost
Grape Headband clothing icon ID 1441 updated.png
Grape Headband Free
5166 icon.png
Grape Spear (hidden) 150 Coin icon.png
Grape Headress updated icon.png
Grape Headress 350 Coin icon.png
The Grape Vine clothing icon ID 1451 (updated).PNG
The Grape Vine 350 Coin icon.png
Grape Tiki Paint.png
Grape Tiki Paint 50 Coin icon.png
Grape Tiki Costume.png
Grape Tiki Costume 400 Coin icon.png
Grape Tiki Dress.png
Grape Tiki Dress 400 Coin icon.png


Image Stamp Description
Rockhopper Stamp Be in the same room as Rockhopper
Stunt Penguin stamp.png
Stunt Penguin Stamp Complete an obstacle course




Party Rooms

The Migrator


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