Aqua Grabber
Aqua Grabber Logo.png
Players 1
Controls Arrow keys and spacebar
Location Iceberg
Released January 4, 2018

Aqua Grabber was a game in Club Penguin Online that was created by Gary. It was located at the Iceberg. In Aqua Grabber, you could collect treasure from the Clam Waters and the Soda Seas.

Penguins could also bring a Pink Puffle into the game which helped them with air bubbles.


Clam Waters
Soda Seas


Time Trial

Unlocked after completing certain tasks as seen on the main menu. Player must race against the clock to capture the main treasure, if the timer runs out, the game is over.

Compressed Air Mode

Unlocked after completing the Time Trial mode. Player's sub moves faster, but if it hits any surface a life is lost.



Image Notes
Aqua Grabber pearl.png
Pearls are hidden inside four of the five clams in Clam Waters. The player has to wait several seconds by a clam for them to fall asleep, then grab the pearl.
Aqua Grabber black pearl.png
The black pearl is in one of the clams in Clam Waters. Which clam has this pearl is random every time the level is entered.
Aqua Grabber pearl shaped rock.png
The pearl shaped rock is in a cavern at the bottom of Clam Waters. It is meant to be dropped in the giant clam's mouth so the grand pearl can be retrieved without waking the clam up. If it is dropped in the net the level is counted as cleared, although no objectives in the menu can be completed by clearing it this way.
Aqua Grabber grand pearl.png
The grand pearl is in the giant clam's mouth in Clam Waters. If the pearl shaped rock is dropped in the clam's mouth, the pearl can be retrieved. If it is dropped in the net the level is cleared.
Aqua Grabber cream soda.png
Cream soda barrels are scattered throughout Soda Seas, polluting the water and damaging ocean life. Every time a barrel is dropped in the net, some of the soda pollution is cleared, and ocean life, such as seaweed and coral, is healed, which allows progress in the level.
Aqua Grabber amethyst.png
The amethyst is in a cavern deep in Soda Seas, beyond other caves with puffer fish, including a giant one. If it is dropped in the net the level is cleared.
Aqua Grabber coin pile.png
The coin pile is hidden in a cavern beyond the mullet in Soda Seas. A crab nearby tries to take the coins. The pile can be grabbed up to ten times, by the player and/or the crab.
Treasure Hunt emerald.png
The emerald is given to the player by the crab in Soda Seas if it is allowed to have all the coins in the pile. If the pile is grabbed at all by the player, the crab does not give up the emerald.


Image Notes
Aqua Grabber clam.png
There are five clams in Clam Waters, each of which has a pearl. Four of these are regular pearls, one is a rare black pearl.
Aqua Grabber giant clam.png
The giant clam is at the bottom of Clam Waters, and holds the grand pearl. If the pearl is grabbed from it, it will eat the player and spit them out. If the pearl shaped rock is dropped in its mouth, it will not wake up if the pearl is grabbed.
Aqua Grabber fluffy.png
A fluffy swims around near where the giant clam is located in Clam Waters. Two more appear higher in the level once the grand pearl is grabbed. Another fluffy swims around the central area of Soda Seas. If the player has the bait, this fluffy can be grabbed, but it will struggle and move around every few seconds. It can also be used to catch the mullet.
Aqua Grabber mullet.png
A mullet swims around at the entrance to the bottom caverns in Clam Waters once the grand pearl is grabbed. Another appears in a cavern in the east side of Soda Seas. Beyond this mullet is a hidden cavern with a pile of coins and a crab. This mullet can be grabbed if the player has fluffy as bait, but it will struggle forcefully and move around every few seconds. If it escapes once caught, it will not reappear until the level is restarted.
Aqua Grabber giant squid.png
Although it cannot be interacted with, a silhouette of the giant squid can appear in the background Clam Waters. When going near the entrance to the bottom caverns, there is a 5% chance it appears. When this happens, the sea will shake, the giant squid swims around in the background, stays still for a few seconds, then swims away.
Aqua Grabber bait.png
The bait is in a cavern in the west side of Soda Seas. The ceiling of the cave has to be bumped into multiple times in quick succession for the bait to drop from the ceiling into the water. The bait can be used to catch fluffy.
Aqua Grabber pufferfish small.png
Aqua Grabber pufferfish big.png
Three pufferfish appear in a cavern deep in Soda Seas. They are initially small, but inflate themselves if the player is near, and deflate if the player leaves the area. Two appear circling around the giant pufferfish after it inflates.
Aqua Grabber giant pufferfish small.png
Aqua Grabber giant pufferfish big.png
The giant pufferfish is near the bottom of Soda Seas, above the amethyst. If the player is near, it inflates itself, inhaling air in the process, which pulls the player toward it. After several seconds, it deflates, exhaling air, pushing the player away.
Aqua Grabber crab.png
The crab is in a hidden cavern beyond the mullet in Soda Seas. It tries to grab coins from a nearby pile and take them into its cave. Each time it grabs some, it moves faster. If it grabs all the coins in the pile, it gives the player a emerald, then retreats into its cave. If any coins are taken by the player, it walks back into its cave, annoyed, and does not give up the emerald.

Coin Value

These are the amounts of coins each treasure in the game would give you.

Treasure Name Value
Aqua Grabber pearl shaped rock.png
Pearl-shaped Rock 1 Coin icon.png
Aqua Grabber bait.png
Aqua Grabber coin pile.png
Crab's Gold 20 Coin icon.png ×10 = 200 Coin icon.png
Aqua Grabber pearl.png
White Pearl 25 Coin icon.png x4 = 100 Coin icon.png
Aqua Grabber cream soda.png
Barrel of Cream Soda 50 Coin icon.png x5 = 250 Coin icon.png
Aqua Grabber black pearl.png
Black Pearl 50 Coin icon.png
Aqua Grabber fluffy.png
Fluffy 200 Coin icon.png
Aqua Grabber grand pearl.png
Grand Pearl 300 Coin icon.png
Treasure Hunt emerald.png
Emerald 500 Coin icon.png
Aqua Grabber amethyst.png
Amethyst 600 Coin icon.png
Mullet 1,000 Coin icon.png


  • Clam Waters: Collect all the pearls and the "Main Treasure" (the giant pearl). The Rare Treasure of the level is a black pearl which is hidden in a random clam that changed every time.
  • Soda Seas: Collect all of the cream soda barrels and the "Main Treasure" (the amethyst crystal). The crystal was guarded by puffer fish. The rare treasure of the level is the emerald, which is guarded by a crab. To get this, you have to let the crab take all of the gold, then it will give you the treasure.


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