Astro Barrier
Astro Barrier Logo.png
Players 1
Controls Arrow Keys (move)
Spacebar (shoot)
Location Arcade
Released January 4, 2018

Astro Barrier was a Club Penguin Online minigame located in the Arcade, next to Thin Ice and resembled a retro arcade shooter.


The goal of the game was to successfully hit all targets on the screen without running out of shots.

Press the left and right arrow keys to move your ship. Pressing the space bar will make the ship shoot, but shots are limited (from 3 to 8). More ammunition is given as the game progresses.


  • It was possible to skip levels right after clicking start. On your keyboard press 1 to go to level 10, 2 to go to level 20, or 3 to go to level 30.
  • The secret levels in Astro Barrier were accessible before level 11 starts. Wait 30 seconds when the screen is showing information about the orange switch, and shoot the blue ship that appears. Then after the 10 Secret Levels, you will skip levels 10 to level 16.
  • The Expert Levels were accessible before level 31. Wait 25 seconds and shoot to make the turret shoot the blue ship. Then after the 10 Expert Secret Levels, you can shoot five targets with a number of 500. That means you got 2500 extra points. Then the game is won.
  • You could earn more points to addition to your coins by shooting at targets and blasters when they are in the Instruction Pages.
  • Before proceeding on to another level, a loading box will appear for about 4 seconds. This box isn't a real loading box. But if you press enter, it will disappear and you will progress to the next level.


  • The Secret levels were the shape of the numbers. The shape of the level would vary depending of the level you were playing except level 10, where the number is 0.
  • The ships (both the white one and the blue one) resembled the Snowspeeder from Star Wars.
  • This game was designed to be an 8-bit game.
  • It was featured on the Astro-Barrier Card-Jitsu Card.
  • It was likely based on real-life games Galaga and Space Invaders.


There were several types of targets introduced throughout the game, with new ones having new properties and rewarding the player with a different amount of points:

Name Image Description Appears from level
Green circles
Green circle.png
The basic targets in the game. Move at a constant speed and, when hit, stop and turn red 1
Small green circles
Small green circle.png
A small variant of the green targets 3
Green ellipses
Green ellipses.png
A wider variant of the green targets 3
Blue circles
Blue circle.png
Rewards an extra life if hit before other targets 7
Small blue circles
Small blue circle.png
A small variant of the blue targets 22
Blue ellipses
Blue ellipses.png
A wider variant of the blue targets 20
Orange switch
Orange switch.png
Makes all orange barriers in the level disappear when hit 11
Yellow circles
Yellow circle.png
Has to be hit twice. Turns into a regular, green target on the first hit 16
Small yellow circles
Small yellow circle.png
A small variant of the yellow targets 17
Yellow ellipses
Yellow ellipses.png
A wider variant of the yellow targets 19
Expanding green targets
Expanding Target.png
Targets that expand horizontally upon being hit 24
An extra cannon that shoots when the player shoots. (Its shots do not affect the number of shots left.) If aimed at the player's ship, can potentially destroy it 31
Score target
Score target.png
Rewards the player with 500 points upon hitting. Only available at the end of the secret levels


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