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Nickfuryig.png Non-meetable Character
This was a character that was mentioned or present in game, but could not be met and did not have a background.
Batman Party Penguin 1.png
Full Name Bruce Wayne
Species Penguin
Job Superhero, Owner of Wayne Enterprises
Costume Batman Mask, Batman Classic Suit, Batman's Dark Knight Suit, Batman Shoes
Meetable No

Batman, also known as Bruce Wayne is a character from the DC Comics Universe. He was featured as a non-meetable character at the Batman Party. He was an ally to Gotham City Police Department led by Commissioner Gordon and a superhero who protects Gotham City. One of his most known enemies include Joker.


As a child, Bruce witnessed the murder of his parents, Dr. Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne, which ultimately led him to craft the Batman persona and seek justice against criminals. He resides on the outskirts of Gotham City in his personal residence, Wayne Manor.
Despite his trauma, he sets his mind on studying to become a scientist and to train his body into physical perfection to fight crime in Gotham City as Batman, an inspired idea from Wayne's insight into the criminal mind.
Batman is often treated as a vigilante by other characters in his stories. Dressed as a bat, Batman deliberately cultivates a frightening persona in order to aid him in crime-fighting, a fear that originates from the criminals' own guilty conscience.

Batman has his own secret base called the Batcave where he keeps his well known vehicle, the Batmobile. When there is trouble in Gotham City, the Gotham City Police Department light up the Bat-Signal to summon him.

On December 11, 2019, he tells the penguins how to deactivate Joker's bomb placed at the Batcave and after thanks them for saving Gotham City.



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