Bits & Bolts
Bits & Bolts Logo.png
Players 1
Controls Mouse
Location Arcade
Released January 4, 2018

Bits & Bolts was a game in Club Penguin Online. It was a robot building game which was located in the Arcade only on New Client (AS3). 


How to Play

In this game, you had to clear blocks as fast as possible. To clear the blocks, you had to look at the number on the blue target (which took over the cursor's role). Then, you had to click on the blocks with the bolts that matched the number on the target.

Once you cleared all the blocks, you would advance to the next level (automatically). The numbers on the target and the number of bolts on each block would increase. The game ended when a stack of blocks reached the top of the screen. More blocks would fall if you made a mistake or took more time to finish the level.

If you used only the blocks the game asked you for (on the bar on the left), you would win more parts to create a robot. Once a robot was created, the game went back to small numbers.

There were also "blast balls" which helped to explode nearby blocks. Blast balls could either have a plus sign or a minus sign on them.



Image Description
Bits Bolts Main Bot.png
The bot that a penguin plays as

Power Up

Image Function
Bits Bolts Bomb.png
Explodes cruciform a row of numbers
Bits and bolts bomb 2.png
Explodes horizontally a row of numbers
Bits and bolts bomb 3.png
Explodes vertically a row of numbers
Bits and bolts bomb 4.png
Explodes numbers in a square shape
Bits Bolts Bomb 5.png
Explodes cruciform a bigger row of numbers
Bits Bolts Bomb 6.png
Explodes horizontally a bigger row of numbers
Bits Bolts Bomb 7.png
Explodes vertically a bigger row of numbers
Bits Bolts Bomb 8.png
Explodes numbers in a rectangle area


There were 6 different buttons with numbers from 1-6. Each one was worth differently than the other.


Every few levels a new bot was being assembled when the certain part was obtained, these were the 4 main bots than the penguin constructed.


  • It was the least played game in Club Penguin Online.
  • The game had an endless amount of levels and could be played for as long as possible.




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