QueenBadgerCP QueenBadgerCP 11 December 2018

December Penguin Style HIDDEN Items

The new Penguin Style has been released on Club Penguin Online. The catalog has many awesome items for Christmas!

There are items hidden in the new Christmas section, the section from last month's Penguin Style and in the Miscellaneous section in the back.

Hidden Item
Blue Viking Helmet

Click the top right corner of the box containing the Viking Helmet.
Viking Helmet

Click the hair and hat of the Penguin.
Reindeer Costume

Click the back foot of the Reindeer.
Reindeer Head

Click the head of the Woodland Reindeer icon.
Nutcracker Costume

Click the Supreme Toy Sack icon.
The Nutcracker

Click the White Snowflake Bauble icon.
Festive Footwear

Click the back foot of the Penguin.
The Tree Toppe…

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QueenBadgerCP QueenBadgerCP 20 April 2020

Christmas Giveaways Started on Club Penguin Online

Timmy has begun the Christmas Party 2018 celebrations early with the Christmas Giveaways! Players have the chance to win an exclusive code for coins and items that only they can claim.

In the Christmas Giveaways channel on the Club Penguin Online Discord server, Timmy is running a daily giveaway event. He will hide a random code of 9 red letters and numbers somewhere on the What's New? Blog on the Club Penguin Online website.

The first player to find the code and DM it to Timmy will receive the activated code. The code will allow the winner to obtain exclusive items and a value of coins between 1 and 7,500 (chosen by a random number generator).

We have already had the first Christmas Giveaway and the winner was Caddeus. He won the exclusive code …

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QueenBadgerCP QueenBadgerCP 6 April 2020

Custom Winter Ball Party Coming to Club Penguin Online

Riley and Timmy have announced that a NEW party will be coming to Club Penguin Online very soon. The planned event is the Winter Ball 2018. This party is a custom event and was never available in the original Club Penguin. Timmy has announced that the Christmas Party 2018 will start after the Winter Ball has ended.

According to the blog post written by Riley, there will be new rooms and codes for players to enjoy. The Winter Ball will be a similar event to Prom 2018, running over one weekend (December 14 - December 16, 2018). There will be votes for Winter Ball King and Queen, as well as other categories.

Like the Prom 2018 party, you can ask someone to be your date to the Winter Ball. This feature is only avaialble on the New Client (AS3). The…

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QueenBadgerCP QueenBadgerCP 8 December 2018

December Furniture and Igloo Catalog SECRETS

The new Furniture and Igloo Catalog has been released on Club Penguin Online. The catalog has many awesome Christmas items as well as a few secret hidden items!

The new Christmas items are railway and candy themed, with some shop and house fronts to make a Christmas village scene.

As always, the Scoop Chair and Funky Bookshelf are hidden on the first page. Here are the new secret items!

Hidden Item
Candy Cane Arch

Click the window of the Gingerbread House igloo.
Candy Fence

Click the cross on the Railroad Crossing.
Candy Cane

Click the clock of the Holiday Station.
Christmas Wreath

Click the chimney of the Tinker Train Engine.
Christmas Ribbon

Click the window of the Cozy Red House.
Snowy Floor

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QueenBadgerCP QueenBadgerCP 3 December 2018

NEW Code & Pin

Over the weekend, a new code was released on Club Penguin Online as well as a new pin being released today.

The new code is 1MILLION400 to celebrate Club Penguin Online reaching 1.4 million registered users.

The code will allow users to obtain the following items.

Item Type

Park Ranger Hat
Head Item

Glowing Grid Jacket
Body Item

Brown Bear Costume
Body Item

Monkey Costume
Body Item

2,500 coins

The new pin is the Puffle Trivia Pin! It can be collected from the Ski Village.

Don't miss out on all these items!

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QueenBadgerCP QueenBadgerCP 2 December 2018

FINAL Operation: Puffle Tasks Released PLUS How to Defeat Herbert

The Operation: Puffle party is drawing to a close this week and the final challenges have been released. Users can now rescue all colour puffles to receive their chips. Once a player has rescued all the coloured puffles, they can complete the party challenges by defeating Herbert.

1. The doors to Herbert's lair will appear once you have been transported to the Ice Falls. Herbert will trap your player in a ring of fire and it is your task to defeat him and shut down his puffle mind-control machine!

2. To escape from Herbert's ring of fire, players must enter the ventilation system and navigate through it to the other side.

3. Once you leave the ventilation system, you can walk over to the computer and close down the puffle mind-control by correc…

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QueenBadgerCP QueenBadgerCP 28 November 2018

NEW Mascot Backgrounds!

So far, Herbert, Jet Pack Guy, Puffle Handler and Gary have all visited during the Operation: Puffle party on Club Penguin Online. The mascot visits have been extremely popular, with users completely filling servers in order to meet their favourite mascots!

Make sure you meet these mascots and collect these exclusive backgrounds before the end of the Operation: Puffle party!

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QueenBadgerCP QueenBadgerCP 20 April 2020

Operation: Puffle Update

The Operation: Puffle party has been live for 4 days now. Users have been able to complete the missions to save the blue, red, black and brown puffles and obtain their chip.

So far, Herbert, PH and Jet Pack guy have all visited the island to hand out their backgrounds and chat with penguins. PH and Herbert are both giving out brand new backgrounds that haven't been collectible on Club Penguin Online before.

When Herbert first visited, there was an issue with his stamp; however, Timmy has since fixed this bug and the stamp is available. Anyone who met Herbert should have received the stamp when it was fixed.

Here are all the free items you have been able to collect from the party so far:

Item Type

Herbert Disguise
Party code

Klutzy Di…

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QueenBadgerCP QueenBadgerCP 25 November 2018

Email Confirmation Introduced for New Accounts

Club Penguin Online has introduced a new system of email confirmation for account registrations.

Previously, users required an email address to register a new account, however that email address was never used unless the user needed to change their password. Now, users must activate their new account through their email address.

This system has been introduced to prevent people from creating multiple accounts using fake emails. Click here to read more about the new email activation system

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QueenBadgerCP QueenBadgerCP 22 November 2018

Operation: Puffle Live!

Operation: Puffle has been released on Club Penguin Online.

You can log on now to complete the missions and save the puffles. Herbert has created Brain Boxes for puffles, which are forcing them to dig for coins and bring them to Herbert!

Each day of the party, users can log on to complete games and challenges to save each different colour puffle. Many of the rooms in Club Penguin Online have been given a darkened sky and there are many new party rooms for EPF agents to explore.

As well as items from the party games, there is an Operation: Puffle Catalog to buy cool items from.

Please note the party games only work on the New Client.

The party is set to last until December 6th, so make sure you complete all the missions and collect all the items befor…

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QueenBadgerCP QueenBadgerCP 6 April 2020

Mature Channels Added to Discord

In response to older users accidentally swearing in the Club Penguin Online Discord, Riley has decided to add a 'Mature' general and voice channel.

These channels were created for older users to use, where they wouldn't have to censor themselves. Swearing is allowed in these channels, as is discussion more mature topics.

In order to access these channels, users must do !mature in the commands channel to receive the Mature role. Only users over the age of 16 should add the Mature role.

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QueenBadgerCP QueenBadgerCP 8 August 2018

Updates for August

The Club Penguin Online administrators have just released a post outlining the new updates coming in August 2018!

Having just passed 900k registered users, Club Penguin Online is expecting to hit 1 million registered players this month, despite only being released 8 months ago. This growth in members is astounding, and the Club Penguin Online staff are planning to host a huge custom party to celebrate when this milestone is reached.

In addition to that, the team are planning to release another Card-Jistu element this month, as well as a new penguin colour. To vote for which colour you want to see in the game, head to the Docks and vote now!

For all the information, take a look at the post on the What's New? Blog.

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QueenBadgerCP QueenBadgerCP 21 July 2018

The Prom Party is here!

The Prom 2018 has started on Club Penguin Online. The Town and Plaza are decorated, with the Stage being converted into the Prom Room, although the whole island and the map have been updated with a twilight sky. The Prom Catalog 2018 has been added to the Clothes Shop, and contains lots of Prom outfits for players to buy.

There will be 2 Prom Events held on Saturday and Sunday night, with awards given out at 7pm EST, 12am BST. The awards will be announced on the official CPO discord for the following categories:

  • Prom King & Queen
  • Best Dressed
  • Best Forever Alone Single Pringle
  • Best LGBT Couple
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QueenBadgerCP QueenBadgerCP 17 July 2018

Prom event announced for THIS weekend

The Club Penguin Online team have announced that they will be hosting a Prom mini-party this weekend. The Prom 2018 will begin this Friday evening (July 20) and end on Sunday (July 22).

The Club Penguin Online team will be choosing Prom Kings and Queens on the Saturday and Sunday evenings and giving other awards such as best dressed. A feature has been added to the game, where players can ask another user to the prom through their player card.

For the full details of this event, visit the Prom 2018 page or view the post on the What's New Blog.

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