Other Names Adam, Hendo, Henderson
Position Administrator
Joined the Team December 2018
Penguin Name Bucky
Language English

Bucky was part of the Club Penguin Online Staff Team and worked as an Administrator and Designer.


  • He is currently studying Film.
  • His hobbies include shredding on the ukulele and playing baseball.
  • He creates content for Club Penguin Online, and some of his most known works are the Mod Meet Up Video Highlights posted occasionally on Club Penguin Online's Twitter.
  • He wrote the scripts for #WaddleOn comedy sketches.
  • He won the best eCouple award with September during the Winter Ball 2019.

Fun Facts

  • Bucky loves his rake.
  • He watches Big Time Rush 24/7.
  • Chloe once challenged him to blast the Big Time Rush theme song for 24 hours... He did it.
  • He is a Marvel fanboy.
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