Cart Surfer
Players 1
Controls Arrow keys and Spacebar
Location Mine
Released January 4, 2018

Cart Surfer was a Club Penguin Online mini-game that could be played in the Mine. The main objective of the game was the performance of various tricks and stunts to earn points (similar to Catchin' Waves) while riding a mine cart on a track. When players finished the game, they ended up in the Mine Shack.

This was one of the most popular games in Club Penguin Online, as it was a quick way to earn a great amount of coins by using the right and best moves.



The most efficient way to get coins is to alternate the Backflip and Air Twist, Handstand or Run On Rails: a 100 scoring stunt and any of the 80 scoring ones. Rail Grind is the highest scoring stunt for the turns. It also helps to crash a few times near the end, which gives the player more time to do tricks.

When you lose a life, you get the chance to perform about 2–3 moves before the next turn so you have to use your lives wisely and you could get an extra 540–840 points.

Note that if a move is performed twice in a row, the score you would normally get for the trick would be halved every time after the first trick.


Image Name Method Points
CS Jump.gif
Jump* Spacebar 0
CS Surf Jump.gif
Surf Jump + Spacebar 20
CS Turn.gif
Turn or 10
CS Surf Turn.gif
Surf Turn + or **
CS Rail Grind.gif
Rail Grind + or **
CS Air Twist.gif
Air Twist Spacebar + or 80
CS Leap.gif
Leap Spacebar + 50
CS Cart Slam.gif
Cart Slam Spacebar + 30
CS Backflip.gif
Backflip + Spacebar 100
CS Handstand.gif
Handstand + 80
CS Run On Rails.gif
Run On Rails + 80

*Does not count to the Trick Master Stamp.

**Depends on how long the trick is used, points void if a crash occurs.



See main article: Cart Surfer Stamps


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