Colors were items that players could buy to change their Penguin color. Players received one color for free, which they could choose when creating an account. All other colors had to be purchased from the Penguin Style catalog, costing 20 coins each.

List of Colors

Image Color Appearance
Player Card In-game
Blue inventory.PNG Blue Blue from a Player Card.PNG Blue ingame.PNG
Green icon.png Green Green from a Player Card.png Clothing Sprites 2.png
Pink icon.png Pink Pink from a Player Card.png Pink ingame.png
Clothing 16 icon.png Arctic White Arctic White from a Player Card.PNG Arctic White ingame.PNG
Dark Purple icon.png Dark Purple Dark Purple on a Player Card.png Dark Purple In-game.png
Brown.png Brown Brown from a Player Card.PNG Brown standing.PNG
Peach icon.png Peach Peach Penguin Card.png Peach IG.png
Dark green inventory.png Dark Green Dark Green from a Player Card.png Dark Green ingame.png
Light Blue icon.png Light Blue Light Blue on a Player Card.png Light Blue ingame.png
Lime Green icon.png Lime Green Lime Green on a Player Card.png Lime Green ingame.png
Aqua icon.png Aqua Aqua on a Player Card.png Aqua ingame.png
Black icon.png Black Black on a Player Card.png Black ingame.png
Red icon.png Red Red on a Player Card.png Red ingame.png
Orange icon.png Orange Orange from a Player Card.png Orange ingame.png
Yellow icon.png Yellow Yellow on a Player Card.png Yellow ingame.png
Turquoiseicon.png Turquiose Turquoisepc.png Turquoiseig.png
Maroon Icon.png Maroon Maroon PC.png Maroon IG.png

Unreleased Colors

Image Color Appearance
Player Card In-game
Neon Green Icon.png Neon Green Neon Green PC.png Neon Green IG.png
Lavender Icon.png Lavender Lavender PC.png Lavender IG.png
Light Grey Icon.png Light Grey Light Grey PC.png Light Grey IG.png
Bubblegum Icon.png Bubblegum Bubblegum PC.png Bubblegum IG.png
Mint Icon.png Orchid Green Mint PC.png Mint IG.png



Colors of Club Penguin Online
Main Colors Blue · Green · Pink · Arctic White · Dark Purple · Brown · Peach · Dark Green · Light Blue · Lime Green · Aqua · Black · Red · Orange · Yellow · Turquoise · Maroon
Unreleased Colors Neon Green · Lavender · Light Grey · Bubblegum · Orchid Green
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