Dance Contest
Dance Contest logo.png
Players 1-4
Controls Arrow keys
Location Dance Club
Released January 4, 2018

Dance Contest was a mini-game in Club Penguin Online, located in the Dance Club. Its style was similar to Dance Dance Revolution in that the player played the game by pressing specific arrow keys as arrows floated upwards across the screen, passing colored markers.

The direction the arrow keys faced corresponded to which arrow key had to be pressed. The more accurately the player pressed an arrow key in relation to when an arrow passed a marker, the more points were received. If this was done enough times consecutively without missing, a streak began, yielding more points.

Additionally, Purple Puffles could join the game when walked. While they did not affect game play, they passively earned extra points.

Play Options


  • Solo - Play the game without anyone else.
  • Multiplayer - Compete against other players.


  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard
  • Expert (accessible on both solo and multiplayer mode; on solo mode the player needed to click Cadence to access)


The Generic Way
Penguin Band Boogie
Patrick's Jig
Go West
Let's Bounce!
Epic Win!


When a song ended, the accuracy of the player was rated. There were 6 different grades, based on the number of perfect, great, and good hits relative to the total notes in the song.

  • Grade AAA – only perfect hits.
  • Grade AA – only perfect and great hits.
  • Grade A – notes hit percentage was exactly 100% (only perfect, great, and good hits).
  • Grade B – notes hit percentage was at least 75% and less than 100%.
  • Grade C – notes hit percentage was at least 50% and less than 75%.
  • Grade D – notes hit percentage was less than 50%.


  • A known bug was when completing a game of Dance Contest, the game screen would freeze. Upon exiting, you would receive no coins. There was no way to avoid this glitch.
  • When playing in multiplayer mode, the player lost connection.


  • There was a Card-Jitsu power card where the game was featured in.
  • The audience in the background grew and the colors of lights changed as player hit more combos and progresses.





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