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Easter Fools Party 2018
When April 1, 2018 - April 2, 2018
Mascots Puffle Handler, Rookie
Parties and Events Chronology
Previous Puffle Party 2018
Next Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2018

The Easter Fools was a mini party in Club Penguin Online which began on April 1, 2018 and only lasted a day. Easter Fools combined the celebration of Easter and April Fools day into one party and was only accessible on New Client.

The party consisted of a Scavenger Hunt with riddles, which would help the player find the icons, to win a reward, as well as receive the Scavenger Hunt Stamp.

Free Items

Item Name Location
Gold Propeller Hat Completing the Scavenger Hunt
Safari Park Background Completing the Scavenger Hunt
PH's Giveaway clothing icon ID 9193-0.png
PH Giveaway Meeting Puffle Handler
Rookie's Giveaway (ID 9095) Meeting Rookie


Image Stamp Description
Rookie stamp.PNG
Rookie Stamp Be in the same room as Rookie
PH's Stamp.png
PH Stamp Be in the same room as PH
Scavenger hunt stamp.png
Scavenger Hunt Stamp Complete a Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

Object Hint Location
Swirly Glasses icon.png
Wrap up warm, or you'll feel a chill, spot this item on top of a hill. Ski Hill
Find this item where the wild pets lay. Puffle Wild
Box Costume.png
Outside of a place where you study, find this item near a sport with buddies. Mine Shack
Funny-Face Glasses.png
In a place, where beans are ground, find this item on a table laying down. Coffee Shop
Yellow Bunny Ears icon.png
This item found a new place home, living near two puffles made of stone. Dojo Courtyard


  • This is the first party in Club Penguin Online that did not have special decorations.
  • It was a triple party - it celebrated Easter and April Fools, but was also active during the Puffle Party.
  • During the celebrations Rookie made his first appearance on the island.
  • Moderators were given member badges and players were given moderators badges, but the permissions kept the same.


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