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An Elite penguin was a user who had shown exceptional loyalty to Club Penguin Online and the Staff Team. They were active users who were known to everyone and were very helpful and kind and did whatever they could to help Club Penguin Online. For their kindness and loyalty, they were rewarded the prestigious Elite rank. These were the requirements you needed to become an Elite.

  • You must have had been apart of the Club Penguin Online community for at least over 6 months.
  • You must had been apart of the official Discord server and been active in it.
  • You must not have had bad history with the Staff.
  • You must have had been active in-game and other social media relating to Club Penguin Online (Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, etc.)
  • You must have had been humble.

Elite's Features

Similar to the Staff, Elite penguins had different colored names in-game than normal penguins.
Their color was gold, and when having the Hide Penguins feature turned on from the settings panel, they would stay visible just like the Staff Team and Mascots.
Elites also had a star as a Membership Badge on their Player Cards.