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Emoticons (aka Emotes) were symbols that penguins could display in games. Emoticons included facial expressions, icons and food items to show reactions and feelings. Emoticons could be accessed through the bottom menu in game or by pressing E. Every Emoticon had a keyboard shortcut that could be used to express the Emoticon quickly.

List of Emoticons

Emoticons in the Menu

These were permanent Emoticons that could be accessed from the Emoticons Menu on the bottom bar.

Image Emoticon Shortcut
Laugh Emoticon.png
Laughing face E + 1
Happy emoticon.png
Happy face E+ 2
Coffee Cup Emoticon.PNG
Coffee E + C
Straight Face Emoticon.png
Indifferent face E + 3
Sad Emoticon.png
Sad face E + 4
Game Emoticon.PNG
Video game controller E + G
Surprised Emoticon.png
Surprised face E + 5
Raspberry Face Emoticon.png
Poking out tongue face E + 6
Popcorn Emoticon.PNG
Popcorn E + O
Wink Emoticon.png
Winking face E + 7
Sick face E + 8
Pizza Emote.PNG
Pizza E + Z
Mad face E + 9
Moody Emoticon.png
Upset face E + 0
Ice Cream emoticon.PNG
Strawberry Ice Cream Cone E + Q
Hmm Emoticon.png
Meh face E + U
Cake E + K
Screenshot 1147.png
Shamrock E + F
Heart Emoticon.png
Heart E + H
Lightbulb Emoticon.PNG
Light Bulb E + B
Flower Emote.PNG
Flower E + L
Waddle On Party Waving emoticon.gif
Waving None
Waddle On Party Thought emoticon.gif
Thought None
Waddle On Party Iceberg emoticon.png
Iceberg None

Other Emoticons

These Emoticons were not accessible from the Emoticons Menu, but could be used by players using the keyboard shortcuts.

Image Emoticon Shortcut
Chocolate Ice Cream Emoticon.PNG
Chocolate Ice Cream Cone E + W
Igloo Emoticon.png
Igloo E + I
Blue Puffle Emoticon.PNG
Blue Puffle E + P
Day Emoticon.png
Sun E + D
Night Emoticon.png
Moon and stars E + N
Question Mark Emoticon.png
Question mark /
Exclamation Point Emoticon.PNG
Exclamation mark 1
Coin E + M
Music Note Emoticon.PNG
Toot E + T

Party Emoticons

These Emoticons were only available for a limited time during parties.

Party Image Emoticon Available From Available Until
Pirate Party 2018
Pirate Bandanna Emote.png
Pirate Bandana January 24, 2018 February 4, 2018
Crab Treasure chest emote.png
Crab Treasure Chest
Crab Claws emote.png
Crab Claws
Holiday Party 2018
Cookie emoticon animation.gif
Cookie December 20, 2018 January 3, 2019
Frozen face
Holiday Party 2012 music emoticon.gif
Blue music emotes
Prehistoric Party 2019
Prehistoric 2014 Emoticons Hammer.png
Hammer and wheel February 21, 2019 March 5, 2019
Prehistoric 2014 Emoticons Clock.gif
Prehistoric 2014 Emoticons O Berry.gif
Login Screen January 4 2012 meat emoticon.png
Prehistoric Fire Emote.png
Puffle Party 2019
Rabbit Puffle Emoticon.png
Rabbit Puffle March 21, 2019 April 4, 2019
Cat Puffle Emoticon.gif
Cat Puffle
Puffle Party 2016 Dubstep Puffle emoticon.gif
Dubstep Puffle
Bone/Dog Biscuit
Cat Yarn
Music Jam 2019
Music Jam 2014 Fist Pump emoticon.gif
Fist Pump April 21, 2019 May 5, 2019
Muppets 2014 Emoticons Clap.gif
Music Jam 2014 Emoticons Cute.png
Cute Face
Operation: Crustacean
Operation Puffle Emoticons Spy.png
EPF Agent July 26, 2019 August 16, 2019
Operation Puffle Emoticons EPF.png
EPF Logo
Operation Crustacean UFO emoticon.gif
The Fair 2019
8-bit Face September 19, 2019 October 4, 2019
The Fair 2014 Emoticons Clown.png
The Fair 2014 Emoticons Woo hoo.png
Woo Hoo
Halloween Party 2019
Halloween 2013 Emoticons Vampire Smile.png
Vampire Smile Face October 25, 2019 November 7, 2019
Halloween 2013 Emoticons Pumpkin.png
Halloween Party 2015 Robot emoticon.gif
Batman Party
Bat emoticon.gif
Bat December 2, 2019 December 17, 2019
Batman Party Alert emoticon.gif
Batman Party Badge emoticon.png
Holiday Party 2019
Holiday Party 2019 Emoticons CFC.png
Coin for Change December 20, 2019 January 5, 2020
Holiday Party 2019 Emoticons Gift.png
Holiday Party 2019 Tree Emoticon.png
Christmas Tree
Puffle Party 2020
Prehistoric 2014 Emoticons O Berry.gif
O-Berry March 27, 2020 April 10, 2020
Bone/Dog Biscuit
Cat Yarn
Hollywood Party
Cheese Emote.png
Cheese April 22, 2020 May 7, 2020
Cool Emote.png
Cool emote

Special Emoticons

During Parties:
Homepage emoticons:


  • The Happy Room Stamp could be obtained by getting 10 penguins in the room to use a smile emote.
  • The Emotes Background featured some of these emoticons.
  • The Smiley Necktie featured the "Happy face" emoticon.
  • In February 26, 2020 the Homepage redesigned and included new emoticons as buttons.