Festival of Snow
When January 29, 2020 - February 7, 2020
Mascots Tourdude
Parties and Events Chronology
Previous 2nd Anniversary Party
Next Valentine's Day 2020

The Festival of Snow was a party in Club Penguin Online which started on January 29, 2020 and ended on February 7, 2020. The party was confirmed via Discord by Kiwii with an announcement that players could submit their drawings for a chance to be showcased during the party. 10 drawings from 9 different Penguins were chosen.

The party also introduced a new custom mascot Tourdude.


Penguins could earn Snowflakes by drilling in the Snow Forts, Dock or Ski Village, whilst wearing only the Snowflake Tipper. They can then use the snowflakes to buy various snow themed items in the snow shop, which could either be accessed from the Forest or the snowflake icon.


Free Items

Image Item Location
Ice Crown Iceberg
Snowflake Tipper Icon.png
Snowflake Tipper Snow Forts
Tourdude's Giveaway Icon.png
Tourdude's Giveaway Tourdude's Player Card

Snow Shop

Image Item Cost
Blue Snowflake Hoodie Icon.png
Blue Snowflake Hoodie 2500 Festival Of Snow Interface Icon.png
White Puffle T-Shirt Icon.png
White Puffle T-Shirt 2200 Festival Of Snow Interface Icon.png
Green Winter Scarf Icon.png
Green Winter Scarf 1750 Festival Of Snow Interface Icon.png
Iced Royal Scepter Icon.png
Iced Royal Scepter 2000 Festival Of Snow Interface Icon.png
Frozen Teddy Bear Icon.png
Frozen Teddy Bear 650 Festival Of Snow Interface Icon.png
Blue Winter Boots Icon.png
Blue Winter Boots 2000 Festival Of Snow Interface Icon.png
Pink Winter Boots Icon.png
Pink Winter Boots
Winter Scarf Icon.png
Winter Scarf 1500 Festival Of Snow Interface Icon.png
Iced King's Crown Icon.png
Iced King's Crown 3000 Festival Of Snow Interface Icon.png
Iced Royal Robe Icon.png
Iced Royal Robe 2500 Festival Of Snow Interface Icon.png
20,100 Festival Of Snow Interface Icon.png


Out of all the submissions, 10 drawings from 9 lucky players got showcased. Those who got chosen received a special Published Sculpture Postcard along with 5000 coins added to their account.

Image Item
Published Sculpture Postcard.png
Published Sculpture Postcard
5000 Coin icon.png
Location Sculpture Drawing Player
Snow Sculpture 1.png
Drawing 1.png
Snow Sculpture 2.png
Drawing 2.png
NotA Robot
Snow Sculpture 3.png
Drawing 3.png
Snow Forts
Snow Sculpture 4.png
Drawing 4.png
Ski Hill
Snow Sculpture 5.png
Drawing 5.png
Snow Sculpture 6.png
Drawing 6.png
Mine Shack
Snow Sculpture 7.png
Drawing 7.png
Snow Sculpture 8.png
Drawing 8.png
Snow Sculpture 9.png
Drawing 9.png
Ski Village
Snow Sculpture 10.png
Drawing 10.png


Image Stamp Description
Tourdude Stamp.png
Tourdude Stamp Be in the same room as Tourdude




Party Interface




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