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Gold Puffle
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Golden.png
Attitude Energetic, lucky
Favourite Toys Gold Jackhammer
Dump Truck
Dance Bobs head from side to side, and twirls in the air, showering the ground
Tongue Color Gold
Special Features Solid Gold body, sparkles, and digs up rare items
Favourite Game Puffle Chase (Party game)
Cost Free
Location Gold Mine

The Gold Puffle was a Puffle pet on Club Penguin Online. The Gold Puffle could play Puffle Chase with a player and help earn them extra coins during Operation: Puffle. Gold Puffles could dig up exclusive golden items while being walked.

How To Obtain

Players could adopt a Gold Puffle for free at the Gold Mine. In order to adopt one, players had to activate the golden jackhammer to the left of the mining pit. This could only be done by collecting 15 Golden Nuggets to power the golden jackhammer. Golden Nuggets could be dug up all over the island by your Puffles, after feeding them a Golden O'berry from the Gold O'berry Machine at the Pet Shop.


Location Available From Available Until
Gold Mine January 4, 2018 May 31, 2020



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