Halloween Party 2018
Halloween Parties logo.png
When October 17 - October 31, 2018
Mascots Gary
Parties and Events Chronology
Previous The Fun Fair Party 2018
Next Operation: Puffle

The Halloween Party 2018 was a party in Club Penguin Online, which began on October 17, 2018 and ended on October 31, 2018. The island was decorated with a spooky, Halloween theme. Players could collect candy from playing the Pumpkin Game in various rooms around Club Penguin Online, which they could then use to buy items from the Halloween 2018 Catalog. Players could also find candies allowing them to transform into Halloween themed monsters.

Alongside the party, the HALLOWEEN18 code was released.


Free Items

Image Item Location
Garry's Halloween Giveaway icon.png
Gary's Halloween 2018 Giveaway Meeting Gary
Wrapper Head clothing icon ID 1713.PNG
Wrapper Head Collecting all 9 cursed candies
Puffle Care icons Head Pumpkincap.png
Pumpkin Lid Halloween 2018 Catalog
Halloween Jacket icon.png
Halloween Jacket Codes
Ghost Pumpkin Head icon.png
Ghost Pumpkin Head
Slime Skull Mask icon.png
Slime Skull Mask

Party Items

The Halloween 2018 Catalog was available through the party interface.

Image Item Cost
Clothing Icons 5370.png
Trick-or-Treat Bag 50 Candy.png
Springy Pumpkins 50 Candy.png
Swamp Monster icon.png
Swamp Monster 250 Candy.png
Eye of Newt Gumballs icon.png
Eye of Newt Gumballs 50 Candy.png
Swamp Monster Mask clothing icon ID 1702.PNG
Swamp Monster Mask 150 Candy.png
Swamp Monster Costume clothing icon ID 4956.PNG
Swamp Monster Costume 300 Candy.png
Swamp Monster Feet.png
Swamp Monster Feet 50 Candy.png
Web Hoodie icon.png
Web Hoodie 200 Candy.png
Wings 0.png
Bat Wing Headband 60 Candy.png
The Villian Do clothing icon ID 1715.PNG
The Villain Do 150 Candy.png
Classic Vampire Costume clothing icon ID 4966.PNG
Classic Vampire Costume 200 Candy.png
Tomb King Hat clothing icon ID 1714.PNG
Tomb King Hat 150 Candy.png
Tomb King Costume icon.png
Tomb King Costume 200 Candy.png
Creepy Doll Makeup for infobox.png
Creepy Doll Makeup 120 Candy.png
The All Dolled Up.png
The All Dolled Up 140 Candy.png
Creepy Doll Costume 200 Candy.png
Puffle Care icons Head Pumpkincap.png
Pumpkin Lid Free
Ghost Puffle 1200 Candy.png

More Items

These extra items from the Halloween 2018 Catalog became available on October 24, 2018, through the party interface.

Image Item Cost
Little Jack icon.png
Little Jack 180 Candy.png
Bellhop Hat.png
Bellhop Hat 120 Candy.png
Inspector's Magnifying Glass icon.png
Inspector's Magnifying Glass 75 Candy.png
Magic Hat icon.png
Magic Hat 170 Candy.png
Creepy Candle icon.png
Creepy Candle 60 Candy.png
Ghostly Suitcase icon.png
Ghostly Suitcase 250 Candy.png
Ghost vial.png
Ghost Vial 250 Candy.png
Ghost Goggles Icon 2083.png
Ghost Goggles 200 Candy.png
Ghost Catcher Uniform.png
Ghost Catcher Uniform 450 Candy.png
Spectral Costume icon.png
Spectral Costume 500 Candy.png
Ghost Puffle Costume.png
Purple Ghost Puffle Costume 650 Candy.png


Transformation Image
Black Werewolf
Werewolf 3.png
Brown Werewolf
Werewolf 2.png
Blue Werewolf
Werewolf 1.png
Grayish Lavender Vampire
Vampire 1.png
Dark Green Vampire
Vampire 3.png
Light Reddish Brown Vampire
Vampire 2.png
Green Zombie
Zombie 1.png
Blue Zombie
Zombie 3.png
Purple Zombie
Zombie 2.png





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