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Halloween Party 2019
Halloween Parties logo.png
When October 25, 2019 - November 7, 2019
Mascots Gary
Parties and Events Chronology
Previous 4 Million Registered Users Party
Next Club Penguin 14th Anniversary Party

The Halloween Party 2019 was a party and the second Halloween Party in Club Penguin Online. It was hinted at on October 4, 2019 in a brief announcement about the new Penguin Style Catalog. It was also confirmed due to the Furniture and Igloo Catalog showing the party logo and on October 8, 2019 on the What's New? Blog.

It started on October 25, 2019 and ended on November 7, 2019. Alongside the party, HALLOWEEN19 code was released. The custom Green Ghost Puffle was released during the party.

The party was occurring simultaneously at the same time as the Club Penguin 14th Anniversary Party.


Before the Halloween Party started, puffles begin to feel agitated, and the first three floors of the Puffle Hotel appearing to be haunted. Gariwald VIII goes to investigate the alleged paranormal activity that is happening over there. October 25, the Puffle Hotel shot up thirteen stories overnight, and rumours about Ghost Puffles haunting the Puffle Hotel began to circulate. Gariwald VIII has gone missing while investigating paranormal events there. With the help of Skip the bellhop, penguins have to explore all 13 floors of the haunted hotel, solve puzzles, and assemble the ghost catcher to save Gariwald.
Later, Skip is revealed to be an evil ghost who wants to use the energy of the ghost puffles to haunt Club Penguin Online Island. However, he is defeated by penguins, Gariwald is freed from being kidnapped, and penguins are allowed to adopt a ghost puffle.


Free Items

Image Item Location
Spooky Scarf Icon.png
Spooky Scarf Codes
Pumpkin MP3000 Icon.png
Pumpkin MP3000
Spooky Jacket Icon.png
Spooky Jacket
Bellhop Hat.png
Bellhop Hat By defeating Skip
Gary's Halloween 2019 Background Icon.png
Gary's Halloween 2019 Background Gary's Player Card


Image Name Location
Ghost Puffle By defeating Skip
Green Ghost Puffle.png

Party Items

Image Item Date
Spirit Lantern Icon.png
Spirit Lantern October 25, 2019
Shadow Wings Icon.png
Shadow Wings
Radioactive Monster Costume Icon.png
Radioactive Monster Costume October 30, 2019
Dark Fairy Hair Icon.png
Dark Fairy Hair
Dark Fairy Costume Icon.png
Dark Fairy Costume October 31, 2019
Phantom Ghost Costume Icon.png
Phantom Ghost Costume
Dark Fairy Wings Icon.png
Dark Fairy Wings November 1, 2019
Red Bat Wing Headband Icon.png
Red Bat Wing Headband
Red Bat Wings Icon.png
Red Bat Wings November 2, 2019
Radioactive Monster Mask Icon.png
Radioactive Monster Mask
Radioactive Monster Feet Icon.png
Radioactive Monster Feet November 3, 2019
Green Ghost Puffle Costume Icon.png
Green Ghost Puffle Costume


Image Stamp Description
Gary stamp icon.PNG
Gary Stamp Be in the same room as Gary
Monster Mash stamp.png
Monster Mash Stamp Wear a monster outfit at the Halloween Party
Trick-or-Treat stamp medium.png
Trick-Or-Treat Stamp See 10 Trick-Or-Treat Igloos at the Halloween Party


  • This was the second Halloween Party in Club Penguin Online.
  • It was also the second Halloween Party to feature a new Puffle, with the Green Ghost Puffle, the first being the Halloween Party 2018, with the Purple Ghost Puffle.
  • The Forest and Pond decorations were custom designed by Jonas.
  • The Iceberg was a giant pumpkin during the event, the more players that drilled, the more it would resemble a jack-o-lantern.
  • There was a bug where the Puffle Hotel Pool was accessible a day before intended, it was later fixed.
  • This was the first time that one party interface section stayed locked until all items were collected.



Puffle Hotel


Party Interface






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