Holiday Party 2018
Holiday Party 2018 logo.png
When December 20, 2018 - January 3, 2019
Mascots Rockhopper
Parties and Events Chronology
Previous Winter Ball 2018
Next New Year's Day 2019

The Holiday Party 2018 was a party in Club Penguin Online which began on December 20, 2018 and ended on January 3, 2019. Rockhopper visited and brought the Coins for Change with him, penguins were able to donate coins and earn a special custom pin.

2 new Puffles were released during the party and everyone could adopt them. New festive Postcards were made available in the Postcard Catalog for the party. Alongside the party, the MERRYCHRISTMAS code has been released.


Before and during the party Timmy hosted many Christmas Giveaways. These giveaways began on December 9, 2018. This feature allowed players to win a unique code and recieve coins and exclusive items.

This party was the first time that Club Penguin Online has seen Santa's Sled, and the first time players have been able to adopt the Blue Crystal Puffle and the Snowman Puffle. The party also introduced the Coins for Change allowing players to unlock 3 Event Stamps. The Holiday Party 2018 is the first occasion new emotes have been able to be used.


Free Items

This is a list of the free items not including those that could be received from the Advent Calendar 2018.

Image Item Location
Blue Lightbulb.png
Blue Lightbulb Santa's Sled
Pink Lightbulb.png
Pink Lightbulb
Yellow Lightbulb.png
Yellow Lightbulb
Big Cozy Chair Background Icon.png
Big Cozy Chair Background Clicking the camera at the Ski Lodge
Candy Sneakers Green Happy Holidays Postcard
Red Scarf Red Happy Holidays Postcard
Holiday toque.PNG
Holiday Toque Blue Happy Holidays Postcard
Coins for Change 2018 Pin From donating to Coins for Change
Elf Hat clothing icon ID 447.png
Elf Hat Codes
Reindeer Antlers clothing icon ID 471.png
Reindeer Antlers
Christmas Background icon.png
Christmas Background
Hot Chocolate Pin.PNG
Hot Chocolate Pin
Clothing Icons 9244.png
Rockhopper's 2018 Holiday Giveaway Rockhopper's Player Card

Advent Calendar

A new door opened on the calendar every day from the start of the party until Christmas day, giving all players a free item.

Image Item Available From
Festive Chair.png
Festive Chair December 20, 2018
Holi-lei icon.png
Holi-Lei December 20, 2018
CFC Cap.png
CFC Cap December 21, 2018
Winter Camo Jetpack icon.png
Winter Camo Jetpack December 21, 2018
RC Controller.png
Race Car Controller December 22, 2018
Jolly Holly Wreath icon.png
Jolly Holly Wreath December 22, 2018
Frost Bit Cavern Icon.png
Frost Bite Cavern Background December 23, 2018
Gingerbread Cookie Costume clothing icon ID 4473.png
Gingerbread Cookie Costume December 23, 2018
Green Lightbulb.png
Green Lightbulb December 24, 2018
Reindeer Puffle Sweater icon.png
Reindeer Puffle Sweater December 24, 2018
Aunt Arctic Sweater icon.png
Aunt Arctic Sweater December 25, 2018
Igloo Buildings Icons 67.png
Sweet Swirl Igloo December 25, 2018

Rockhopper's Rare Items

Image Item Cost
Teddy Bear Head.png
Teddy Bear Head 100 Coin icon.png
Teddy Bear Costume icon.png
Teddy Bear Costume 350 Coin icon.png
Candy Cane Hook icon.png
Candy Cane Hook 150 Coin icon.png
Holiday Lantern icon.png
Holiday Lantern 200 Coin icon.png
Holiday Spring Hat icon.png
Holiday Spring Hat 150 Coin icon.png
Green Jolly Roger icon.png
Green Jolly Roger Free


Image Item Cost
Blue Crystal Puffle smiling.png
Blue Crystal Puffle 1200 Coin icon.png
Snowman Puffle up-close.png
Snowman Puffle 1200 Coin icon.png


Image Item Cost
Global Postcards 209.png
Happy Holidays Postcard 10 Coin icon.png
Global Postcards 216.png
Blue Happy Holidays Postcard
Red Happy Holidays Postcard
Green Happy Holidays Postcard


Event Stamps

Image Stamp Description
Rockhopper Stamp Be in the same room as Rockhopper
Volunteer stamp for infobox.png
Volunteer Stamp Donate to a Coins for Change cause
Club Penguin Top Volunteer stamp.png
Top Volunteer Stamp Donate 5,000 coins to Coins for Change
Epic Volunteer stamp.png
Epic Volunteer Stamp Give a 10,000 coin donation to Coins for Change

Treasure Hunt Stamps

See main article Treasure Hunt Stamps


The Holiday Party 2018 interface allowed players to transform into a Reindeer Puffle, a Road Racer or a Frost Bite.



Party Rooms

The Migrator


Special Emotes


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