Whatever the circumstance, Club Penguin Online allows members to reset their passwords via the provided system. A link for this system is located on the CPO start page and the upper toolbar above the game screen. All that is required to reset your password is the valid email you choose when signing up for CPO originally. Some common errors will also be debunked in this FAQ as well.

Step Related Buttons/Icons/Links Screenshots
1. Visit the Club Penguin Online Start page located at the link provided.

CPO Start Page

2. Once you press the "Change Password" button, you will immediately be taken to the forgot password page.
Change Password Button.png

CPO Forgot Password Page

3. You will need to enter the email that was used to create your CPO account/penguin. Within the email text box, there is a link to the list of emails used. Incorrect emails will not be accepted.
4. Authenticate that you are not, in fact, a robot and hit the box. There may be a challenge based on your browser.
5. Then to initiate the password change request by pressing the "Send Email" button. Your browser will pop up with a message confirming your actions and telling you to check your mail.
Send Email Button.png

CPO Forgot Password Page Filled-in


Issue/Question What to do
The webpage is not loading correctly. This could be a browser-based issue. Try using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. If you are using either browser, then make sure that your browser has the most up-to-date version of Adobe Flash Player. Most modern browsers will not by default run Flash-based programs, and you may be prompted to execute Flash. When prompted, click "Allow" or "Run".
I did not receive an email. Make sure that you are inputting the correct email that you used to create your CPO account. Check over spelling and punctuation of the email address. Try refreshing your email client or email webpage. It could take 10 minutes with transmission time and internet speeds.
I forgot my email address, can I change it? Try contacting Staff for support in the process of changing the email address on the account. There is no guarantee that this change will be accepted or allowed.

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