Ice Fishing
Players 1
Controls Mouse
Location Ski Lodge
Released January 4, 2018

Ice Fishing was a mini-game in Club Penguin Online and it was located at the Ski Lodge. The objective of the game was to catch as many fish as possible before the game ended. The player fished through a hole in the ice. Underneath the hole laid fish, as well as potentially dangerous obstacles such as crabs, jellyfish and sharks.

The maximum number of yellow fish the player could catch was 64. The player started out with 3 worms for bait and could catch bonus bait throughout the game. The player could catch Gray Fish if they used the Flashing Lure Fishing Rod, but these were harder to catch.



  • Near the first part of the game, try catching Gray Fish instead of Yellow Fish, but you will have to wait for the fish to swim by. If you are near the end, try waiting for a while. If you think the Gray Fish will not swim by, just catch the Yellow Fish and the Mullet (but if you can catch both, you should do so).


Flashing Lure Fishing Rod.png

The Flashing Lure Fishing Rod could be obtained by any player in the Game Upgrades catalog at the Ski Lodge for 200 coins. To use it in-game the player must have had it equipped. The rod let the player catch Gray Fish along with Yellow Fish.


Image Notes
Fluffy the Fish are the most common fish that players try to catch. Each are worth 4 coins.
Grey fish swimming.png
Gray Fish are another version of Fluffy the Fish. They can only be caught with the Flashing Lure Fishing Rod, which is bought from the Game Upgrades catalog. Players must wear it when they enter the game to be able to catch gray fish. They are harder to catch, because they quickly dart away from the bait. Each are worth 8 coins.
Ice Fishing Mullet.png
The Mullet is a big, red, fish that appears at the end of the game, once the player catch 60 fish. After it appears, 3 more fish will appear. To catch the mullet, players can catch 2 fish, and keep the last as a bait to lure it. A 100 coin bonus is given when caught.
Can of worms gives the player one extra worm.
Barrels knock fish off the hook.
Boots knock fish off the hook.
Jellyfish can shock the line and take a worm away. They also take away a fish if there is one on the hook.
Sharks can bite both the worm and fish off the hook.
Ice Fishing Crab.png
Crabs can crawl along on the underside of the ice and cut the player's line.
Ice Fishing Pink Puffle.png
A Pink Puffle with a Green Snorkel swims past occasionally with a banner, to warn players of hazards.


See main article: Ice Fishing Stamps



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