The Item Transfer was a feature on Club Penguin Online where players could transfer items from their Club Penguin Rewritten account to their Club Penguin Online account. This feature was released on April 29, 2018 and was only available until mid-June, 2018.

Riley introduced the Item Transfer feature since many players moved to Club Penguin Online from Club Penguin Rewritten when they temporarily closed.



The item transfer was made possible by Codey, the former owner Club Penguin Rewritten, allowing Riley to use the Club Penguin Rewritten database from January 26, 2018. Therefore, any accounts made after January 26, 2018 on Club Penguin Rewritten could not be used in the transfer. Additionally, only items obtained on accounts before January 26, 2018 were transferred.


Here are some examples of Rare Items obtained from the item transfer. These were not released on Club Penguin Online before the transfer.

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