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Kiwii updated playercard.png
Other Names CPO Mother
Position Co-Owner, Administrator
Joined the Team May 2018
Penguin Name Kiwii
Language English

Kiwii was a Co-owner of Club Penguin Online alongside Jonas and worked as an Administrator. On August 11, 2019 after Riley resigned, he gave Kiwii the title of the game owner, which was now shared with Jonas.


  • She lives in USA.
  • She speaks English and some Spanish.
  • She owns 3 ferrets: Belle, Melody and Pepe.
  • Club Penguin Online released 2 codes in honor of Kiwii, KIWIICPO and BIRTHDAYGIRL.
  • She has won the Winter Ball 2018, Summer Formal 2019 and Winter Ball 2019 Staff Winter Ball King and Queen awards along with Mmm4645.

Favourite Things

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