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Marvel Endgame Takeover
When May 21, 2019 - June 7, 2019
Mascots Thanos
Aunt Arctic
Parties and Events Chronology
Previous Lighthouse Rebuild
Next 3 Million Registered Users Party

The Marvel Endgame Takeover was a party in Club Penguin Online which began on May 21, 2019 and ended on June 7, 2019. It was the second ever takeover party.

When entering the party for the first time, players had to choose whether they want to join The Avengers or Thanos and The Black Order. Each choice allowed the player to collect custom items; however, the choice could only be made once.

Throughout the party, players had to collect the 6 Infinity Stones, either for The Avengers or The Black Order. Once all 6 stones are collected, players can obtain the Infinity Gauntlet.

Free Items

Image Item Location Date
Thanos' Background Thanos' Player Card May 21, 2019
Clothing Icons 9196.png
Aunt Arctic's Press Giveaway Aunt Arctic's Player Card
Clothing Icons 9141.png
Sinister Background Stage
Money Bag icon.png
Money Bag Pizza Parlor
Avenger's Suit Icon.png
Avenger's Suit Choosing to side with The Avengers May 21, 2019
Party interface May 29, 2019
Thanos' Head Icon.png
Thanos' Head Choosing to side with The Black Order May 21, 2019
Party interface May 29, 2019
Thanos' Body Icon.png
Thanos' Body Choosing to side with The Black Order May 21, 2019
Party interface May 29, 2019
Captain America's Face Mask Icon.png
Captain America's Face Mask Party interface May 21, 2019
Captain America's Suit Icon.png
Captain America's Suit
Captain America's Shield Icon.png
Captain America's Shield
Scarlett Witch's Hair Icon.png
Scarlett Witch's Hair Party interface May 22, 2019
Scarlett Witch's Suit Icon.png
Scarlett Witch's Suit
Nova Helmet clothing icon ID 1414.png
Nova Helmet Xandar May 23, 2019
4623 icon.png
Nova Bodysuit
Vision's Suit Icon.png
Vision's Suit Party interface
Black Panther's Helmet Icon.png
Black Panther's Helmet Party interface May 24, 2019
Black Panther's Suit Icon.png
Black Panther's Suit
Loki Horns clothing icon ID 1415.png
Loki Horns Party interface May 25, 2019
Loki Armor
Thor Helmet.png
Thor Helmet Party interface May 26, 2019
Thor Armor.png
Thor Armor
5155 icon.png
Thanos' Gauntlet Icon.png
Thanos' Gauntlet Obtaining all the infinity stones
Antman's Helmet Icon.png
Antman's Helmet Party interface May 27, 2019
Antman Suit Icon.png
Antman Suit
Iron Man Helmet Icon.png
Iron Man Helmet Party interface May 28, 2019
Iron Man Suit Icon.png
Iron Man Suit


Main Article: Infinity Stones
Image Item Location Date Cost
Mind Stone Pin Forest May 21, 2019 Free
Time Stone Pin Sanctum Sanctorum May 22, 2019 Free
Power Stone Pin Xandar May 23, 2019 Free
Space Stone Pin S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Base May 24, 2019 Free
Reality Stone Pin Knowhere May 25, 2019 5,000 Coin icon.png
Soul Stone Pin Vormir May 26, 2019 Soul of a Puffle

Party Interface

The Party Interface allowed players to collect items on each day of the party. Players could collect the items by following the clues to find the Infinity Stone Pin for that day.

Date Pin Clue Location Image
May 21 Mind Stone Pin Find Loki's scepter in order to receive this stone. Forest EndgameLocation1.png
May 22 Time Stone Pin Go to Dr Strange's house, where you will encounter Dr Strange. Sanctum Sanctorum EndgameLocation2.png
May 23 Power Stone Pin Travel to planet Xandar and obtain the Power Stone from the Nova Corps. Xandar EndgameLocation3.png
May 24 Space Stone Pin Go to S.H.I.E.L.D.'s base and obtain the Space Stone. S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Base EndgameLocation4.png
May 25 Reality Stone Pin Travel to the planet Knowhere and encounter the Collector. Knowhere EndgameLocation5.png
May 26 Soul Stone Pin Travel to Vormir and encounter Red Skull. Soul Stone Pin EndgameLocation6.png



A temporary feature was introduced during the party called The Snap. When a player collected all infinity stones an icon would appear next to the map which would allow them to erase half of population in the room by clicking on it.




Party Rooms

Party Interface

Party Map



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