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Medieval Party 2019
Medieval Parties logo.png
When June 23, 2019 - July 7, 2019
Mascots Gary
Scorn the Dragon King
Parties and Events Chronology
Previous 3 Million Registered Users Party
Next Color Vote 2019

The Medieval Party 2019 was the second annual Medieval Party in Club Penguin Online which began on June 23, 2019 and ended on July 7, 2019. During the party the entire island was decorated. All the Knight's Quests were accessible. Penguins could also defeat Scorn the Dragon King in Ye Knight's Quest: Scorn's Revenge, which was accessible from the Ski Hill.

The party also introduced a new custom mascot for players to meet, Scorn the Dragon King.


The kingdom has fallen into darkness! Scorn the Dragon King, has conquered the land. Penguins have to collect three magical items located at the Dock, Beach and Ski Village, reach Scorn's lair and defeat him to save the island.


Free items

Image Item Location
Gary Medieval icon.png
Gary Medieval Giveaway Gary's Player Card
Scorn's Giveaway Scorn's Player Card
Scorn Crest Pin.png
Scorn Crest Pin Boiler Room
Iron Armor clothing icon ID 4219.png
Iron Armor Ye Knight's Quest 1
Clothing Icon 5058.PNG
Staff and Shield
Iron Helmet clothing icon ID 1146.png
Iron Helmet
White Noble Horse.png
White Noble Horse Ye Knight's Quest 2
Dragon's Gold.PNG.png
Dragon's Gold
Toothbrush Pin.PNG.png
Toothbrush Pin
White Night Helmet clothing icon ID 1253.png
White Knight Helmet Ye Knight's Quest 3
White Knight Armor clothing icon ID 4362.png
White Knight Armor
Gold Staff and Shield icon.png
Gold Staff and Shield
Noble Helmet clothing icon ID 1400.png
Noble Helmet Ski Hill
Battle Cape icon.png
Battle Cape Bridge
Scorn Crown Pin.png
Crown of the Dragon King Pin Mountain of Misery
Clothing Icon 5148.PNG.png
Skyward Staff Sky Kingdom

Party Items

For more items go to Medieval Catalog.


Image Stamp Description Location
Gary stamp icon.PNG
Gary Stamp Be in the same room as Gary Any
Noble Knight Stamp Hard.png
Noble Knight Stamp Wear a knight costume at the Medieval party
Stage Crew Stamp Operate the Switchbox 3000 Mine
Scavenger hunt stamp.png
Scavenger Hunt Stamp Complete a Scavenger Hunt Ski Hill
Party Puzzle Stamp Solve a puzzle at a party Ye Knight's Quest 1
Target Champion stamp.png
Target Champion Stamp Hit 50 targets in a task at a party
Path Finder stamp.png
Path Finder Stamp Complete a maze at a party


Game Room
Scorn Battle Mountain of Misery

Party Interface



Party Rooms

After Scorn is defeated

This phase only occurred for players when they defeated Scorn the Dragon King, and the party was into its second week.

Ye Knight's Quests

Ye Knight's Quest 1

Ye Knight's Quest 2

Ye Knight's Quest 3

Ye Knight's Quest: Scorn's Revenge



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