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The Membership Badges were a feature on a Player Card in Club Penguin Online. The badges displayed whether a user was a member, Elite, Moderator, Designer, or Admin. Member badges displayed how old the user was.

Badge Types

  • Members had a member badge with stripes to indicate the age of the user:
    • 3 months = 1 stripe (blue)
    • 6 months = 2 stripes (blue and orange)
    • 9 months = 3 stripes (white, blue and orange)
    • 12 months = 3 stripes and star (white, blue and orange)
  • Elites had the Elite badge.
  • Moderators had the Moderator badge.
  • Administrators had the Moderator badge (on new client) or the Admin badge (on old client).
  • Designers had the Designer badge.


  • This feature was created to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Club Penguin Online.
  • On February 26, 2020, a new Elites feature was made available where loyal penguins were rewarded with a special rank.





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