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The interface for the EPF Training Missions.

The PSA Missions (also known as the PSA Training Missions or PSA Secret Missions) were interactive point and click games that EPF agents could play. The missions allowed penguins to earn medals and gifts through solving problems and helping other penguins. There were 11 secret missions.

The missions could be accessed from the EPF Command Room. They allowed players to complete secret missions with the Penguin Secret Agency. The final mission explained how the PSA was destroyed by the Popcorn Explosion and introduced the Elite Penguin Force as the new agency.

List of Missions

# Image Name Reward Secret Gift Description
1 Missing puff.png Case of the Missing Puffles Mission 1 Medal Letter from Aunt Arctic Aunt Arctic has lost two of her puffles. It is your mission to find and rescue them.
2 G's secret .png G's Secret Mission Mission 2 Medal Letter from G G has designed a new sled that he needs you to test. Unfortunately, the test goes wrong and you must survive in the wilderness.
3 Missing coins.png Case of the Missing Coins Mission 3 Medal Card from Dancing Penguin A huge pile of coins has gone missing from the vault at the Clothes Shop. It is your mission to recover them.
4 Avalanche.png Avalanche Rescue Mission 4 Medal Handy Penguin Award An avalanche at the Ski Hill has left some penguins stranded. It is your mission to save them.
5 Fur.png Secret of the Fur Mission 5 Medal Box of Pizza A curious piece of fur was found in a previous mission. It is your task to discover what it is.
6 Question crab.png Questions for a Crab Mission 6 Medal Magnet Blueprints During questioning, the crab captured during a previous mission breaks out! It is your task to find them.
7 Clock.png Clockwork Repairs Mission 7 Medal Blue Pennant The clock at the Snow Forts has broken down. It is your mission to uncover why and fix it.
8 Tremors.png Mysterious Tremors Mission 8 Medal Cool Gift Earthquakes have shook the island. It is your mission to discover where they are coming from.
9 Spy and seek.png Operation: Spy & Seek Mission 9 Medal Box of Chocolates Herbert has been creating chaos for too long! It is your mission to track him down.
10 Squad.png Waddle Squad Mission 10 Medal Employee of the Month Trophy Gary has devised a plan to trap Herbert. It is your mission to help him.
11 Veggie.png The Veggie Villain Mission 11 Medal Gift from Dot Using the curious seeds found in the previous mission, it is your task to track down Herbert once and for all!


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