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Nickfuryig.png Non-meetable Character
This was a character that was mentioned or present in game, but could not be met and did not have a background.
Prince Redhood
Costume Trunk Jan 2010 3.png
Full Name Prince Redhood
Gender Male
Position Actor
Appeared Fairy Fables
Color Orange
Clothes Items Prince Redhood's Hat, Prince Redhood's Costume, Red Cape
Meetable No

Prince Redhood was a prince in the play Fairy Fables. Prince Redhood started off in the play delivering croissants to the princess. While travelling through the enchanted forest, he encountered a sheep. The sheep wanted the croissants, when the prince did not give the sheep croissants he inhaled deeply and then proceeded to blow the prince away. The prince luckily escaped, and reached the princess. After breaking the princess' trance, she preferred not to have the tasty treat, and so the prince gave them to the sheep.


"He's not just the bravest prince in the land, he's the ONLY prince in the land!"


  • He was based on Little Red Riding Hood and Robin Hood.
  • He was wearing the hat, costume, and a Red Cape.


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