Pufflescape Logo.png
Players 1
Controls Arrow Keys
Location Pet Shop
Released January 4, 2018

Pufflescape was a game in Club Penguin Online, which was accessible from the Pet Shop. It was released on January 4, 2018.

On each level, you had to collect a certain amount of Puffle-O's. Once you collected your first Puffle-O, a manual became available, which allowed you to see where to place any movable blocks and how to get to the other Puffle-O's. In each normal level, there was a Puffle-O bunch. If you collected this, the extreme version of that level became available. The extreme levels were timed and Puffle-O's needed to be collected before their timer ran out, if the key ran out of time then the player would immediately lose.

To complete the level, you had to collect the key, which unlocked the door.



Level Sets

Image Name Description
Pufflescape Entrance Levels.png
Entrance Easiest of the level sets, it had 8 different levels with 8 extreme level variations and had 48 Puffle-O's in total to be collected; 23 in normal levels and 25 in extreme levels.
Pufflescape Depths Levels.png
Depths Medium difficulty level set, it had 8 different levels with 8 extreme level variations and had 52 Puffle-O's in total to be collected; 26 in both normal and extreme levels.
Pufflescape Legend Levels.png
Legend Hardest of the level sets, it had 6 normal levels with 6 extreme level variations and the 7th level which was split into 3 parts. In the final part of the last level, the goal was to collect the giant Puffle-O. It had 61 Puffle-O's in total to be collected; 20 in both normal and extreme levels and 21 in the final level.



Image Function
Pufflescape Moving Platform.gif
Moving platforms vary in size, bulk and width, they are used to help the Puffle get to certain destinations and hights. They can be clicked on and moving the mouse up, down, left or right would change the hinge's position.
Pufflescape Ice Triangle 1.pngPufflescape Ice Triangle 2.png
Ice triangles usually hang from the ceiling and are used as another way of getting the Puffle to certain destinations and hights. In some levels they vary in shape and could be stacked up on top of each other to create a bigger shape.
Pufflescape Ice Rectangle.png
Ice rectangles float on water and allow the Puffle to walk on it. They vary in size and shape and could also be used as a way of blocking a path.
Pufflescape Rock Rectangle.png
Unlike the ice rectangles, the rock rectangle cannot float on water and is just used as a blocking barrier so the Puffle does not go into the water.
Pufflescape Ice Trapezoid.png
The ice trapezoids are used as a way for the Puffle to cross the level, they could be used as a foundation so that a triangle can be placed on it or next to it which would create a bigger shape.
Pufflescape Snow Wall 1.pngPufflescape Snow Wall 2.png
Snow walls vary in size and were a blocking barrier so that a Puffle cannot enter a certain destination. Clicking on them would break it up and open up a path to be crossed. The Puffle-O bunch was usually placed in areas with it.
Pufflescape Double Platform.png
Double rotating platforms vary in shapes and sizes, they could be clicked on and moving the mouse in a circular motion would rotate the platform. On one side it was wooden which allowed the Puffle to move smoothly and on the other side it was frozen and if a Puffle stepped on it, it would slide.


Image Function
Pufflescape Key.gif
The key to unlock and pass a level.
Pufflescape OBerry.gif
A normal Puffle-O which gives the player extra coins.
Pufflescape Bunch OBerry.gif
A Puffle-O bunch which when collected, unlocks the extreme level.
Pufflescape Last OBerry.gif
The final giant Puffle-O to finish the game.



  • Levels 1, 5 and 23 were unique in a way.
    • Levels 1 and 5 had an extra Puffle-O to collect in extreme level version.
    • Level 23 was split into 3 parts which payed homage to all 3 level sets.
  • If a player did not own any Puffle, the White Puffle would be automatically picked.
  • If a player did not take care of their Puffle, it showed a tired expression.
  • The Puffle Ball was an inspiration for this game.


See main article: Pufflescape Stamps




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