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A Scavenger Hunt was a feature where players had to find certain items around the island to collect a prize. They were only featured during parties or events. Completing a Scavenger Hunt would allow players to obtain the Scavenger Hunt Stamp.


Party Available From Available Until Prizes
San Valentine's Party 2018 February 14, 2018 February 16, 2018 Valentines 2018 Pin
Easter Fools Party 2018 April 1, 2018 April 1, 2018 Gold Propeller Hat & Safari Park Background
1st Anniversary Party January 4, 2019 January 7, 2019 Happy Birthday Hat & Cake Pin
Card-Jitsu Water Party January 17, 2019 January 24, 2019 Water Pin & Water Tank Background
Medieval Party 2019 June 25, 2019 July 7, 2019 None
2nd Anniversary Party January 5, 2020 January 10, 2020 Cake Hoodie



2nd Anniversary Party

Party Hat Hint Location
CP 14th Anniversary Hat Purple and Green, what a scene! Check where penguins gather 'round to hang around! Town
3 Million Party Hat Black and Yellow, check where it is mellow. This place is quite calm and far from the rest, check this place to complete the quest. Pond
2 Million Party Hat Black, Pink, and Blue... check where you can throw snowballs too! Snow Forts
1st Anniversary Party Hat Purple and White, going down this can be a fright! Ski Hill


1st Anniversary Party

Object Hint Location
Purple Cake Time is of the essence, this is where your cake makes it's presence. Snow Forts
Pink Cake On one side are pets, furry and sweet, on the other side food, that's yummy to eat. Plaza
Green Cake Up high in the sky is where your cake shall lie. Ski Hill
Yellow Cake Here lies Find Four, but go upstairs for more. Lodge Attic
Blue Cake The cake is hidden near shining gold. Somewhere deep and dark and very cold. Hidden Lake
Red Cake To find this cake, here's some advice. Search the place that has Thin Ice. Arcade
Orange Cake This one will be breezy, as your cake is somewhere cheesy. Pizza Parlor

Card-Jitsu Water Party

Item Hint Location
Lantern Telling stories around the campfire is always fun. Passing around some marshmallows, one by one. Cove
Dummy Although this room won’t be here for long, fire and water together can be strong. Ninja Headquarters
Light This one will be bright, as the stuffed crust is a delight. Pizza Parlor
Tree Serve them cold, serve them hot, serve them with extra chocolate or caramel, make it a lot! Coffee Shop
Bamboo Bamboo is plentiful, rivers run deep. Nearby is a waterfall and it is very steep. Forest
Beach Chair Starfish and seashells lie along the shore, when the waves crash in it carries in some more. Beach

Medieval Party 2019

Item Hint Location
Fairy Branch Enchanted with ancient powerful magic. Dock
Spheres of Starlight Made from pure starlight. Beach
Cursed Stones Cursed by Scorn himself! Ski Village


San Valentine's Party 2018

Object Hint Location
Box of Chocolates I'm sweet, brown and melt when hot. Find me where beans, berries and pineapples stay. Coffee Shop
Flower Basket I'm filled with colors and very light. Find me where many pets play. Puffle Park
Pink Cotton Candy Pink, Sticky and Fluffy. Find me where you watch a game. Ice Rink
Teddy Bear I'm cozy and fun to cuddle with. Find me in a place of coziness and a board game. Lodge Attic
500 Carat Diamond Ring Your Lucky Day! Where else can you dig for such value? Gold Mine

Easter Fools Party 2018

Object Hint Location
Swirly Glasses Wrap up warm, or you'll feel a chill, spot this item on top of a hill. Ski Hill
Clown Hair Find this item where the wild pets lay. Puffle Wild
Box Costume Outside of a place where you study, find this item near a sport with buddies. Mine Shack
Funny-Face Glasses In a place, where beans are ground, find this item on a table laying down. Coffee Shop
Yellow Bunny Ears This item found a new place home, living near two puffles made of stone. Dojo Courtyard
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