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Rockhig.png Meetable Character
This was a character that could be met in game. They could be added as a friend and players could collect a background from them.
Sensei CPT issue 480.png
Full Name Sensei
Species Penguin
Job Master of Card Jitsu
Costume Sensei Hat
Meetable Yes

Sensei was a Ninja and Card-Jitsu master on Club Penguin Online. He could be found sitting inside the Dojo, as well as inside the Fire Dojo and Water Dojo. Sensei trained penguins to help make them Ninjas and often referred to his students as grasshoppers. There was also a stamp for meeting Sensei, see List of Character Stamps.

The character Tusk that appeared in Card Jitsu Snow is Sensei's old friend, and he used Tusk's tusk as a walking stick.



Image Item Party Number of Visits
Sensei BG.PNG
Sensei's Autograph Card Jitsu Fire launch 9
1 Million Registered Users Party 3
1st Anniversary Party 5
Sensei BG icon 2019.png
Sensei's Water Giveaway Card-Jitsu Water Party 6
3 Million Registered Users Party 2
4 Million Registered Users Party 2


  • During the Holiday Party 2019, he gifted players the Bamboo Hat.
  • When you were talking to Sensei in any Dojo, he could frequently comment on one of the items you owned.

Sensei's comments

  • You have the Wave Sandals. They tell me you have walked on this water journey. (If you own the Wave Sandals)
  • I sense you have the Waterfall Coat. Do you think... it is waterproof? (If you own the Waterfall Coat)
  • You already own the Torrent Mask.... Like water, you have calm power. (If you own the Torrent Mask)
  • Helmet of Oceans! What you have impresses me. Welcome, yet again (If you own the Helmet of Oceans)
  • I sense we have met? Either I am wise.... Or I peeked at your Stamp Book (If you own the Sensei Stamp)
  • Your Cloud Wave Bracers are powerful. Use them with the suit and mask.... Vanish! (If you own the Cloud Wave Bracers)
  • A stamp of Ninja Meeting.... You are a very skilled social ninja! (If you own the Ninja Meeting Stamp)
  • You own the costume of Squidzoid. Squids and water go well together (If you own the Squidzoid Costume)
  • I sense you have the Disco Wig! This shows your great style and humour... (If you own The Disco)
  • You own a Blue Tux. It sparkles blue like water But it won't help you float (If you own the Blue Tuxedo)
  • You own the Apron of the Goldsmith. Much like gold, water is precious. (If you own the Goldsmith Apron)
  • You caught the Aqua Grabber Mullet! You are good with fish and water! (If you own the Mullet Capture Stamp)


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