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An easy-type party stamp

Stamps were special rewards that could be earned on Club Penguin Online by playing games, doing activities and working as a team with other penguins. 

There were 4 difficulty levels of stamps: Easy, Medium, Hard and Extreme.

Stamps could be found in the Stamp Book.


List of Stamps

Sound Effect

Stamp being earned


  • There were 344 stamps in Club Penguin Online, but 22 were unobtainable.
    • 21 from Card-Jitsu Snow (unreleased).
    • The 4 Gems activity stamp was unavailable due to the fact that the elemental Card-Jitsu Snow game had not been released.
  • The Dot Stamp, Rory Stamp, Jet Pack Guy Stamp, DJ Maxx Stamp, Tourdude Stamp and Traffic Jam Stamp were all unique to Club Penguin Online.
  • Each type of stamp had its own design.
    • Game stamps were hexagonal-shaped.
    • Activity stamps were oval-shaped.
    • Events stamps were shield-shaped.

Stamp Difficulties