System Defender
System Defender Logo.png
Players 1
Controls Mouse
Location EPF Command Room
Released January 4, 2018

System Defender was a game in Club Penguin Online and a security system for the Elite Penguin Force. All EPF Agents could play this game in the EPF Command Room. It was used to defend the EPF Mainframe computer from threats. System Defender was a Tower Defense game, using cannons to defend the mainframe before bots destroy it.



SD Motherboard Mainframe.png

The aim of the game was to defend the EPF Mainframe computer. In most levels, Herbert and Klutzy were trying to attack the computer system by sending bugs. In one level, however, Rookie accidentally released the bugs into the computer system. Players had to stop the bugs from damaging the system by setting up defensive cannons on the map. The three types of cannon shot at the bugs at various speeds to destroy them.



Image Name Cost Notes Sound Effect
SD Red Cannon.png
Red Cannon 50 SD Energy.png Small range
Fast speed
Weak damage
SD Yellow Cannon.png
Yellow Cannon 125 SD Energy.png Long range
Medium speed
Medium damage
SD Purple Cannon.png
Purple Cannon 200 SD Energy.png Small range
Slow speed
High damage

Power Ups

Image Name Notes
SD Energy.png
Energy At the beginning of the game penguins have a starting amount of 200 energy. Sometimes enemies drop extra energy, which could range from 5 to 50.
SD Gear.png
Gear Gears are used to upgrade cannons. They are sometimes dropped by boss bots, or could be purchased for 500 energy. When used on red cannons, they add more shots per hit. For yellow cannons, they increase damage and range. For purple cannons, they increase damage and add mini shots, which do a fair amount of damage. The added shots are somewhat faster than the regular shot of the cannon.



Image Name Notes
SD Red Bot.png
Red Bot Attack in large groups
Medium speed
Best suited cannon: Red
SD Yellow Bot.png
Yellow Bot Weakest of the bots
Fast speed
Best suited cannon: Yellow
SD Purple Bot.png
Purple Bot Can take lots of damage
Slow speed
Best suited cannon: Purple

Boss Bots

Boss bots were larger, harder to destroy and did more damage than regular bots. Sometimes, when destroyed, they dropped a gear which could be used to upgrade cannons.

Ultimate Protobot

The leader of all bots. The Ultimate Protobot was capable of scanning the layout that the penguin had placed, which resulted in creating attack patterns that would be harder for them.


He was the source and rebuilder of the Ultimate Protobot and also controled all the small bots.

Test Bots

The Test Bots were built by Gary and disassembled shortly after being dangerous; later rebuilt by the Ultimate Protobot. JetBot controlled the red bots, WheelBot controlled the yellow bots and SnowBot controlled the purple bots.


Klutzy mistook Herbert's computer with an arcade, and attacked the EPF.


Enemy Bots Attack

Enemy bots are attacking the EPF mainframe computer. But who is responsible?

Herbert Attacks

HERBERT ATTACKS! Herbert is set on destroying the EPF. Can you stop him in time?

Klutzy Attacks

The EPF faces one of its toughest challenges when it's attacked by... Klutzy?

Test Bots Attack

The Test Bots are attacking all at once. Can you outsmart all three?

Ultimate Protobot Attacks

RED ALERT! The Ultimate Protobot is attacking the EPF mainframe. Battle Stations!

Track Herbert

TRACK HERBERT! Herbert P. Bear is back with more tricks up his sleeve. Are you ready to face him?


  • Rookie was the cause of some robots, due to him accidentally opening a jar that was labeled "COMPUTER BUGS", when he mistook it for, "COMPUTER HUGS".
  • Tutorial level layout was identical to the Herbert Attacks level.


See main article: System Defender Stamps




Cannon Upgrades


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