The Fair 2019
When September 19, 2019 - October 4, 2019
Mascots Rockhopper
Parties and Events Chronology
Previous Summer Formal 2019
Next 4 Million Registered Users Party

The Fair 2019 was the second Fair party in Club Penguin Online which began on September 19, 2019 and ended on October 4, 2019. A huge Amazement Park arrived on the island which was split into 3 divisions that contained lots of carnival games. There was a booth in the Park Entrance where Penguins could exchange their tickets for various prizes. Rockhopper also visited at random times throughout the party and players had the chance to collect his new background.


The party introduced a global ticket counter under the name of community rewards where new items would unlock based on the amount of tickets that the overall community gained. It could be accessed via the ticket interface.


Free Items

Image Item Location
Penguin Band Giveaway Click the member of the Penguin Band while they perform
RH Fair Giveaway Icon.png
Rockhopper's Fair Giveaway Rockhopper's Player Card

Daily Prizes

Image Item Cost Available From
Clothing Icons 1779.png
Carnival Party Hat 1000 GoldTicket.png September 19, 2019
Clothing Icons 2149.png
Pixel Shades 1500 GoldTicket.png September 20, 2019
Clothing Icons 5422.png
Old West Lasso 700 GoldTicket.png September 21, 2019
Clothing Icons 1778.png
Carnival Jester Hat 1000 GoldTicket.png September 22, 2019
Clothing Icons 5419.png
Blue Balloon Sword 1500 GoldTicket.png September 23, 2019
Clothing Icons 5421.png
Sea Fishing Rod 900 GoldTicket.png September 24, 2019
Clothing Icons 5417.png
Noble Steed 1500 GoldTicket.png September 25, 2019
Clothing Icons 1780.png
Twinkle Twinkle Hat 1000 GoldTicket.png September 26, 2019
Clothing Icons 5420.png
Retro Joystick 500 GoldTicket.png September 27, 2019
Clothing Icons 1781.png
Cool Down Hat 1000 GoldTicket.png September 28, 2019
10,600 GoldTicket.png


Image Item Cost Available From
Clothing Icons 1777.png
Pork Pie Hat 900 GoldTicket.png September 19, 2019
Clothing Icons 24041.png
Carnival Barker Outfit 2000 GoldTicket.png
Purple Wheeler 3500 GoldTicket.png
Puffle Care icons Head Sheriffstetson.png
Sheriff Stetson 4000 GoldTicket.png
Clothing Icons 5418.png
Carnival Cane 750 GoldTicket.png
Clothing Icons 6217.png
White Patent Shoes 900 GoldTicket.png
Rooster Costume 2500 GoldTicket.png
Rooster Feet clothing icon ID 6083.png
Rooster Feet 900 GoldTicket.png
Clothing Icons 5415.png
Green Motorbike 3500 GoldTicket.png
Clothing Icons 5414.png
Fluffy Stuffie 1500 GoldTicket.png September 25, 2019
Cow Costume icon.png
Cow Costume 2000 GoldTicket.png
Horse Costume icon.png
Horse Costume
Puffle Care icons Head Quasarhelmet.png
Quasar Helmet 4000 GoldTicket.png
Polka Dot Pirate
Clothing Icons 5416.png
Blue Motorbike 3500 GoldTicket.png
The Red Racer.png
The Red Racer 3000 GoldTicket.png
Horse Hooves.png
Horse Hooves 900 GoldTicket.png
Green Wheeler.png
Green Wheeler 3000 GoldTicket.png
42,850 GoldTicket.png

Community Rewards

Image Item Tickets Needed Goal Reached
Purple and Green Feathered Boa Icon.png
Purple and Green Feather Boa 10,000,000 GoldTicket.png September 19, 2019
Purple Balloon Sword Icon.png
Purple Balloon Sword 20,000,000 GoldTicket.png September 20, 2019
Purple Cape ID 34324 Icon.png
Purple Cape 40,000,000 GoldTicket.png
Purple and Green Cap Icon.png
Purple and Green Cap 60,000,000 GoldTicket.png September 21, 2019
Green Balloon Sword Icon.png
Green Balloon Sword 100,000,000 GoldTicket.png September 22, 2019
Green Cape ID 34323 Icon.png
Green Cape 120,000,000 GoldTicket.png
Mullet Stuffie Icon.png
Mullet Stuffie 150,000,000 GoldTicket.png

Rockhopper's Rare Items

Image Item Cost
Stripey Hat Icon.png
Stripey Hat 500 Coin icon.png
Lemon Balloon Icon.png
Lemon Balloon 350 Coin icon.png
Ship Bottle Icon.png
Ship In A Bottle 355 Coin icon.png
Unicycle 600 Coin icon.png
Pirate Bandana Icon.png
Pirate Bandana Free


Image Stamp Description
Rockhopper Stamp Be in the same room as Rockhopper


  • It was the second Fair party to be held in September.
  • It had more expensive items compared to previous year, tripling the prices from The Fun Fair Party 2018.
  • The song Anchors Aweigh was performed by Penguin Band at the Park Entrance.
    • It was the second time this song was performed in Club Penguin Online, first time being during Music Jam 2019.
  • The Penguin Band performed during the party, but were not meetable as mascots.
    • However, if players clicked on them during the show, they could get their autographed background, but no stamp.
  • This was the first Fair party that took place at dusk.
  • The Amazement Park had 3 divisions: one involving Pirates and Mermaids, one involving the Wild West and Cowboys, and one having a futuristic/outer space theme.
  • It took place in the same area as the Wilderness Expedition 2018.
  • Clicking the Map icon while in any of the Amazement Park rooms would show the party map.
  • The player needs 53,450 tickets to buy all the prizes.



Amazement Park



Party Interface




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