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This room only featured in Club Penguin Online for a short period of time.
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Where Space
Opened July 20, 2019
Mini Games None
Room ID 437

The UFO was a room in Club Penguin Online. It was accessible by being randomly abducted at most outside rooms. When in the room, players could not move off of a small square platform (as nowhere but the spawn area was valid movement space), and would automatically be sent out of the room in a few seconds. This was also the UFO Observatory during Operation: Crustacean, where players could move more freely.

Room's Default Music


When abducted, a green beam appeared from the sky, lifting one of the penguins in the room and sending them to the UFO. Upon being abducted for the first time, players would receive the Tinfoil Hat.
In order for one to get transported to outer space, the player must have been in a room for as long they possibly could without moving or chatting. If they were lucky enough soon the aliens would appear.

Sound Effect

Abduction beam



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