3 Million Registered Users Party Quiz!

How well do you know the 3 Million Registered Users Party? Take this quiz to test your knowledge! Write down your answers as you go. The correct answers are at the bottom of the page.

1) On what date did the party start?

a) June 14, 2019

b) May 31, 2019

c) June 17, 2019

2) Which two colours are the theme for the party?

a) Blue and white

b) Gold and black

c) Red and Purple

3) Which room was introduced during the party?

a) Hero Carrier

b) Prom Bar

c) Pond

4) Which item could NOT be obtained by entering the code 3MILLION?

a) 3 Million Grid Sweater

b) Black Scarf

c) 3 Million Party Hat

5) Which room was NOT decorated for the party?

a) Ice Rink

b) Town

c) Forest


1) c

2) b

3) c

4) c

5) a

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