This page will help you to create your own Community Post on this Wiki. Please read this page before writing any reviews on the Wiki.

1. Creating the page

All Community Posts must be created on your own user pages.

On our Wiki, information pages about the game have the URL:

Community Posts however, must be created on your own user pages. These have the URL:

In order to create your review, you must first create the URL. In the URL bar of your browser, type the user page URL, inserting your username exactly as it appears on your profile page followed by the exact title of post. This URL is case sensitive and spaces should be replaced with an underscore. By searching for the URL, you will create a blank user page.

IMPORTANT: Please note that Community Posts must ONLY be created on your own user pages. If you create an actual page on the Wiki for a post it will be deleted.

2. Creating your post

You can now edit the blank page to write your post. It can be anything you like as long as it adheres to our Wiki Rules and Wiki Guidelines and is relevant to Club Penguin Online or the Wiki. Here are a few ideas for posts:


You may like to write a review about a Club Penguin Online feature. This could include:

  • Party reviews.
  • Game reviews.
  • Catalog reviews.
  • Room reviews.
  • Mod Meet Up reviews.

Your review does not have to be about new content—you can also review parties or catalogs from the past.


Instead of a review, you may like to write a discussion post. Here are a few idea for discussion posts:

  • Comparing previous parties to decide the best one.
  • Presenting your idea for future parties or catalogs.
  • Writing


You may want to write a Community Post to present your artwork or other creative talents. This might be:

  • Drawings of Club Penguin Online characters.
  • New Club Penguin Online rooms or items you have designed.
  • Poems or short stories set in Club Penguin Online.

IMPORTANT: Please note that we do not allow community members to steal artwork or other material from other players. If your artwork is stolen from elsewhere, we will delete your post.

If you are unsure how to edit on the Wiki, there are many helpful videos and tutorials online and on the Fandom community pages.


Feel free to add the Wiki quiz and poll logo to your community post page. You can do this by inserting the following code on the first line of your page:


Top Tips!

There are lots of ways to make your review look better with images and text. Check out the following help pages:

Make sure the grammar and spelling of your page are good.

3. Publishing your page

Once you have finished creating your page, you need to publish it. This can be done by pressing the publish button. Your page is now on the Wiki for the community to enjoy!

You can add categories to your page, such as Community Posts, Reviews or Discussions to allow people to find your page easily.

After publishing, it is important that you add your page to the Community Posts page so that other people can find it. Simply head to the Community Posts page and edit it to add your page to the list of reviews, discussions or artwork. You should add your page in this format:

[[User:YOUR_USERNAME/PAGENAME|Quiz or poll title to display on the page]]

Your username and the page title should be EXACTLY as they appear in the URL of your page. The following shows an example of a quiz link:

[[User:QueenBadgerCP/New_Pond_Custom_Room_Review|Review: The Pond Custom Room]]

Which would create a link that looks like this: Review: The Pond Custom Room

If you need any help in creating a page for a review, discussion or artwork, please contact a member of the Wiki team on the Wiki Discord.

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