Hello! Welcome to the Official Club Penguin Fandom! I have been around Club Penguin since my friends and I were huddled around a dinky family computer in swivel chairs. I am Club Penguin Online Blogger and Wiki/Fandom Content and Discussion moderator. I started in October of 2018, and have loved helping catalog and edit CPO history.

Things to Know about Me

  • I am an avid RPG playing mad-man.
  • Technology is my jam. I have been fooling with computers since I was 5 (it was an AT&T Low Radiation Intel Pentium running Windows 98. Now It's an Intel core i5 8600K, Radeon 780, and dual-screen monitors).
  • My first love is sleep.
  • My discord handle is Revivedman. Need help? Send me a friend request and I'd be glad to help!


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