CaitCP CaitCP 15 May 2020

Club Penguin Online is Shutting Down

As recent news has come to light, I would like to make a statement on behalf on the Wiki team.

Club Penguin Online will be closing down on May 31, 2020.

The CPO admins have not taken this decision lightly, but the ultimate factor is Disney issuing DMCA notices to many Club Penguin Private Servers including Club Penguin Online.

You can read in more detail about this here.

This is obviously devastating for us, who for the last 2 and a half years have worked tirelessly to keep the wiki up to date for the community, with the new codes, catalogs, parties, pins and more. We would like to thank all the Wiki staff members, current and old, for the countless hours they have invested into making the Wiki what it is today. I am so proud of how far it has…

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CaitCP CaitCP 11 March 2020

NEW CODE To Celebrate 200,000 Discord Members!


Flit Hoodie

Cozy Blue Scarf

Discord Pin

Yellow Designer Scarf

Red Ski Goggles

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CaitCP CaitCP 13 January 2020

New Puffer Fish Pin Has Been Released

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CaitCP CaitCP 2 December 2019

Batman Party FULL GUIDE!

The Batman Party, Club Penguin Online's biggest custom party ever has arrived on the island! This guide will ensure you don't miss out on any of the features that are accessible during the party.

The entire party is based on the DC Comics franchise Batman. Herbert, Club Penguin Online's own villain has teamed up with Arkham Asylum prisoners, such as The Joker, Scarecrow, The Riddler, Bane and Poison Ivy, and helped them escape the facility. All of them are planning an attack on the dark city of Gotham.

You will recieve a case file from Commissioner Gordon of the Gotham City Police Department to stop the villains. Please note the case files below are released one per day, so check back for more updates.

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CaitCP CaitCP 7 November 2019

NEW Wiki Discord Server!

The old discord server is no longer in use, so if you wish to get blog post notifications as well as be able to chat to Wiki Staff, join now!

The roles you can gain in the discord remain the same, but with the added bonus of being able to use external emojis, as well as being able to react to messages with emojis!

The three trial staff spots have been decided on, and the announcement is coming very soon! Make sure you keep an eye on #announcements channel because it could be you!

Join the new server today!

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