QueenBadgerCP QueenBadgerCP 30 June 2019

Medieval Party FULL GUIDE

The Medieval Party 2019 is in full swing on Club Penguin Online! All of the features are now accessible and this guide will make sure you haven't missed out on any stamps or items!

Lots of rooms have been decorated for the party—make sure to check them all out before the party ends! We also have several party rooms that are only available for a short time:

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QueenBadgerCP QueenBadgerCP 21 June 2019

NEW Quizzes and Polls Feature

We had added a new feature to the Wiki: Quizzes and Polls! You can now create your own quizzes and polls on this Wiki for other community members to enjoy. A link to the Quizzes and Polls page has been added to the navigation menu.

Quizzes and polls can be about anything you want as long as they are relevant to Club Penguin Online and follow our Wiki Rules. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Trivia quiz about mascots.
Personality quiz to find out which Puffle matches your personality.
Trivia quiz about CPO staff members.
Trivia quiz about a previous party or event.
Quiz to find out which CPO game you should play.

Favourite CPO game.
How much people enjoyed a previous party.
Favourite items.
Parties players want to see in the future.


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QueenBadgerCP QueenBadgerCP 6 June 2019

Club Penguin Online Discord Introduces CUSTOM Roles

Riley has just announced an opportunity to obtain a custom role in the official Club Penguin Online Discord server!

In order to get a custom role, players must boost the Discord server. Boosting is a process where Discord members can choose their favourite server to allow the server to obtain some cool features, such as more emojis, an animated server icon and better audio quality.

Each boost lasts 7 days, meaning Discord members can choose their favourite server each week. Boosts can only be given by Discord members who pay for Discord Nitro, an additional feature that allows more customisation of Discord.

For more information about boosting, check out this web page.

Once they have boosted the server, players received the Nitro Booster role and…

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QueenBadgerCP QueenBadgerCP 26 May 2019

1 Million Coins Giveaway on Discord

Club Penguin Online has just hit 3 million registered users! This is a huge achievement and to celebrate, Riley is giving away 1 million coins to 3 lucky penguins!

To enter the giveaway, players must simply react to the giveaway message in the giveaways channel on the Club Penguin Online Discord!

The giveaway is open for 24 hours, and will close tomorrow. Make sure you enter to be in with a chance of winning!

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QueenBadgerCP QueenBadgerCP 21 May 2019

Marvel Endgame Party STARTED on Club Penguin Online

The Marvel Endgame Takeover has arrived on Club Penguin Online! This is a highly anticipated party and it does not disappoint - this is Club Penguin Online's most custom party yet, bringing custom items, rooms, party interface and mascot!

Upon logging in, Aunt Arctic explains the story behind the party. Thanos has succeeded in removing half of the population from Club Penguin Online, leaving half of us behind! The Avengers are trying to find the 6 infinity stones to reverse this. Players must immediately choose between siding with the Avengers and restoring humanity or siding with the Black Order and stopping the Avengers. This choice can only be made once, so choose carefully!

Once players have chosen which side to join, they will receive a cus…

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