BIG CUSTOM Event Planned for May, PLUS Designers Now Purple In Game

User blog

Riley has made a very exciting announcement on the Discord server. There is going to be a huge custom event happening in May!


Many people are wondering what this event may be, but we have no details just yet. This is not the first custom event that has been featured on Club Penguin Online as we have had the Prom 2018 and Winter Ball 2018 events, as well as events to celebrate reaching milestone numbers of registered users.

Riley's announcement suggests that this upcoming custom event will be bigger than any custom party before!! Stay tuned on the Discord server for more news about the custom event.


Riley also announced that there has been an update in game. Designers can now be spotted as they have purple names! Other users that also have coloured names are Admins with a red name and Moderators with blue names.

Look out for some Designers in game to compliment on their new colour!

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