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The Medieval Party 2019 is in full swing on Club Penguin Online! All of the features are now accessible and this guide will make sure you haven't missed out on any stamps or items!


Lots of rooms have been decorated for the party—make sure to check them all out before the party ends! We also have several party rooms that are only available for a short time:

These rooms are only available until the party ends, so don't miss out on seeing them! At the Sky Kingdom, you can work with other penguins to light up the coloured gems (Infinity Stones anyone??). This does not get you any items or stamps, it simply changes the appearance of the room, but it is pretty cool!


This party offers the opportunity to get a LOT of stamps! Here are all the stamps you can get and how to get them:

Image Stamp Description How to obtain
Gary stamp icon.PNG
Gary Stamp Be in the same room as Gary Meet Gary as he visits during the party. Join the CPO Discord for announcements about his visits.
Noble Knight Stamp Hard.png
Noble Knight Stamp Wear a knight costume at the Medieval party A few different combinations of items will get you this stamp. One combination that definitely works is the Knight Costume and Knight Helmet. These can be purchased from the Medieval Catalog at the Clothes Shop.
Stage Crew Stamp Operate the Switchbox 3000 Click all the buttons on the Switch Box 3000 at the Mine.
Scavenger hunt stamp.png
Scavenger Hunt Stamp Complete a Scavenger Hunt Find all the magical items required on the quest map. These can found at the Dock, Beach and Ski Village. To get the stamp, you must then go through the door at the Ski Hill to battle Scorn the Dragon King.
Party Puzzle Stamp Solve a puzzle at a party Solve any one of the puzzles at the three Knight's Quests.
Target Champion stamp.png
Target Champion Stamp Hit 50 targets in a task at a party Hit 50 targets during the second part of Ye Knight's Quest 1.
Path Finder stamp.png
Path Finder Stamp Complete a maze at a party Complete the final stage of Ye Knight's Quest 1. The way through the maze is Down, Left, Down, Right, Right, Up.


This party offers so many items! Not only can you purchase Medieval-themed clothing from the Medieval Catalog at the Clothes Shop, you can also claim free items from completing party tasks. Here are all the free items you can obtain:

Image Item How to obtain
Gary Medieval icon.png
Gary Medieval Giveaway Collect it from Gary's Player Card during his mascot visit.
Scorn Crest Pin.png
Scorn Crest Pin Click the bucket of lava over the Pin Maker 3000 at the Boiler Room and claim the pin.
Iron Armor clothing icon ID 4219.png
Iron Armor Complete tasks at Ye Knight's Quest 1.
Clothing Icon 5058.PNG
Staff and Shield
Iron Helmet clothing icon ID 1146.png
Iron Helmet
White Noble Horse.png
White Noble Horse Complete tasks at Ye Knight's Quest 2.
Dragon's Gold.PNG.png
Dragon's Gold
Toothbrush Pin.PNG.png
Toothbrush Pin
White Night Helmet clothing icon ID 1253.png
White Knight Helmet Complete tasks at Ye Knight's Quest 3.
White Knight Armor clothing icon ID 4362.png
White Knight Armor
Gold Staff and Shield icon.png
Gold Staff and Shield
Noble Helmet clothing icon ID 1400.png
Noble Helmet Collect this item from the Ski Hill.
Battle Cape icon.png
Battle Cape Collect this item from the Bridge.
Scorn Crown Pin.png
Crown of the Dragon King Pin Collect this item at the Mountain of Misery after defeating Scorn the Dragon King.
Clothing Icon 5148.PNG.png
Skyward Staff Collect this item at the Sky Kingdom after defeating Scorn the Dragon King

Players will also be able to collect a free background from Scorn the Dragon King, a custom mascot who will be visiting Club Penguin Online during the party. This item is not yet available.


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