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As a part of a mass message to all CPO users, the Templar Army has been banned from Club Penguin Online and its Discord community. According to a mass message by Kiwii this was stated,

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Therefore, we have created this post to answer your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does this mean for the Templars as a whole?

  • By being banned, no event or action completed from today on is approved by CPO or its staff. The Templars will not be permitted to enter into any CPO Army League events or hold raid in any server that is CPO owned. They also may not continue to have Discord server due to being banned.

What does this mean for users in the Templar Army?

  • If you would like to continue using the CPO Discord and game, please leave the Templar Army as soon as possible to avoid any interruptions in use. You will have been pinged by a moderator within the CPO general channel. You will not have long to act. CPO Staff know who to check against in the community.
  • Update: Someone inquired as to whether the CPO bans issued to those still the Templar Army are permanent. This was Kiwii response:
2019-06-27 23 24 34--suggestions - Discord.png

What if I am not a Templar, but am in the Templar Discord?

  • You will be banned by association if you do not leave the server.

What happened to the Templars Army to be banned?

  • As a community, ban discussion will not be tolerated in any CPO server or on the Wiki. Please respect the decision of CPO Staff and do not ask why this happened.

What if you are by no means associated to the Templars?

  • Great! You have nothing to worry about. As always, report any suspicious activity to CPO Staff in the reports channel.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter!

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