The second awards of the Summer Formal 2019 weekend came out today! There were lots of funny and glamorous Penguins waddling around.

Here are the winners of the first American Saturday Awards:

Award Saturday
Best Dressed Katiedawn
Singles Chang2Point0
Funniest Couple Col Dod 2 & ILoveDonuts6
Best LGBTQ Couple Alrose & PandaAzul
Summer Formal King & Queen Flypin & Picklelover2
Staff Summer Formal King & Queen Kiwii & Mmm4645

Spanish Summer Formal awards released almost before Americans!

Here are the results:

Award Saturday
Best Dressed Skuuuuuuuurt
Singles Yisus100
Funniest Couple Nekoz & Nicaela2009
Best LGBTQ Couple I EdUArDO I & pfromam
Summer Formal King & Queen OmarGG1 & Nazagms

What do you think about Summer Formal? A lot of penguins were saying that Spanish did it better because they were putting images! Do you agree? Surprised Emoticon.png

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