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The What's New? Blog was accessible from the Club Penguin Online website. It was regularly updated with information about what was happening in the Club Penguin Online community and was the place where the Penguin of the Month and any upcoming Mod Meet Ups were announced.
People were also available to comment in every post, only if they logged in into their accounts.

The What's New? Blog was written by Kiwii, the owner of Club Penguin Online. All updates to this blog were also posted on the Club Penguin Online discord, which was also accessible through the Club Penguin Online website.

Visit the What's New?Blog here:


  • There was a Create Penguin button which allowed you to create a new Penguin account to play.
  • The blog button.
  • A Social Media button that lead you to a page that included Club Penguin Online's Discord, Twitter and Youtube.
  • The Play Now! button lead you to log into the game.
At the end there were 7 more buttons:
  • The Unlock Items button also lead you to log into the game.
  • Language Selection moved you to the beginning of the page, to select one of the three languages:


  • The blog got a new design on February 26, 2020.