This page outlines the guidelines for creating pages and using the Club Penguin Online wiki. Please read all the information on this page before you edit or add pages to this wiki.

Creating Pages


  • All infoboxes can be found under the templates tab in the visual editor. They all begin with CPO followed by the object they describe.
Eg. CPO Room, CPO Body Item, CPO Game


  • Please use the wikitable class for tables. This should look like this:
{| class="wikitable"


  • Always follow the layout and format of other pages in the category of page you are creating. For example, if you create a page for a Body Item, make sure it looks exactly like the item pages of other body items. This includes adding navigation templates at the bottom of some pages.
Eg. {{Mascot Background Nav}} {{Party Nav}}


  • Images should always be uploaded as full size images.
  • Do not upload any screenshots or images you have created. Only upload official images.


  • Club Penguin Online and Club Penguin should always be italicised.
  • Dates must always be written in the format Month Date, Year.
Eg. May 12, 2018
  • The page name should be featured in the first sentence and should be in bold font. Page names should always be capitalised.
  • Pages should always be written in the present tense. The exceptions to this are party pages or when referring to previous availability of an item.
Eg. The Acid Guitar! is a Hand Item in Club Penguin Online. It costs 1000 coins and could be purchased at the merch stand during the Music Jam 2018.
  • Text can be written in American or British English. It is more important that articles are understandable and that the choice of spelling is consistent throughout each article.

If you regularly contribute to the wiki, or need help when editing the wiki, please contact Wiki Staff.

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