This page outlines the rules that users of this Wiki must follow. Breaking these rules may result in being blocked from this Wiki, so you will not be able to edit or comment.

General Rules

  1. No swearing or cussing. This includes abbreviated or hinted swear words.
  2. No advertising of any sort. This includes advertising other games, Discords, Wikis or any external content.
  3. No trolling.
  4. No sexual content or references.
  5. No racism.
  6. No homophobia.
  7. No offensive content, including jokes about disabilities, sexism or suicide.
  8. No discussion of controversial topics, such as religion or political conversation.
  9. No discussion or promotion of cheats or hacks.
  10. Do not reveal personal information about yourself or any other users, including phone numbers, addresses, school name etc.
  11. Do not spread rumours about CPO or its staff.
  12. Do not impersonate Wiki or CPO staff.
  13. Respect all users on the Wiki. Bullying and rudeness are not allowed.
  14. Do not argue with Wiki staff.
  15. Do not discuss CPO game or Discord bans. This must be conducted on the Discord server with a Moderator or through the CPO Support Twitter.

Rules for Editing

  1. Do not edit any users' profile page without their permission unless it breaks one of the rules stated here.
  2. Do not create unofficial articles. This includes pages about an individual member, unofficial events, armies, fanmade content or anything unrelated to Club Penguin Online.
  3. Do not add speculation or unconfirmed rumours to pages. The purpose of this Wiki is to give factual information. Any suggestions or suspicions should be posted in the comments only.
  4. Do not remove any content from pages unless it is inaccurate or breaks a rule stated here.


Vandalism is strictly prohibited on this Wiki and may result in your profile being blocked depending on the severity of the vandalism. Actions of vandalism include:

  • Removing content without good reason.
  • Inserting false information into pages.
  • Inserting offensive or inappropriate content into pages.
  • Purposefully adding gibberish.


Wiki Staff understand that users may not intentionally create bad edits. Unless your edit is explicit or offensive, it is likely that you will be contacted by a Wiki Staff member who will explain what you did wrong. Please listen to what they say and try to not make the same mistake in future. If you continue to break the rules after a warning, you may be blocked from the Wiki. Please contact a Wiki Staff member if you have any questions or worries regarding this.

Offensive or inappropriate edits with clear malicious intent will result in an immediate block.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.