Club Penguin Online Wiki

This page lists the staff who work on this wiki. Please see Staff for the list of staff who work for Club Penguin Online.


The Wiki Staff are the team of Club Penguin Online players who maintain this wiki. Anyone is able to edit the wiki pages, but if you would like to be more involved, please join our dedicated discord server!


  • Admins are members of the wiki staff team responsible for keeping the wiki safe from vandalism. As well as creating pages and managing the content on the wiki, they are also responsible for the whole wiki team, and promote new wiki creators.
  • Moderators are members of the wiki staff team that are able to reverse bad edits or vandalism. They also respond to comments on pages.


Discord Name Wiki Username Position Joined Team
Queen Badger QueenBadgerCP Founder February 2018
Cait CaitCP Bureaucrat, Admin February 2018
SpyChloe SpyChloe Bureaucrat, Admin January 2019
Werny4 Werny4 Bureaucrat, Admin April 2019
Revivedman Revivedman Content Moderator October 2018
Spooky dnp Spooky dnp Content Moderator October 2018
Fen12345 Fen12345 Content Moderator November 2018
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